Up to No Good: Abandoned House Edition

by - May 30, 2012

Now this one, we did get in to.  All you need to do is look like you belong there and no one will question you.  For real.  I had my camera out and there were people around and we walked right into that house as if we owned it.  Maybe we did, how do they know?

There was a weird side shed that had a bathroom in it?  It looked like it used to be a shop of some sort.

Yes, please watch over me in this house.  No falling through floors and/or serial killers lying in wait please.  Thanks!

It's crazy what humidity does to a house.  And possibly paper wasps?  I wonder how long it has been abandoned for.

Ha! She looks scared.  That's right Krista, you go first.  Remember when you made ME go first in this one?

Not to disappoint, I went down these dark, scary steps later.  By myself, to take pictures.

Cool decor.

The thing about going into these places, for me, is that every house has a story.  It's almost like it holds on to the last people that were in it, and tries to breathe that story into you.  And whether you get a feeling, or you make it all up into a crazy story, what's magical about it to me is that you get to use your imagination.

And you get to feel the hair rise on the nape of your neck when you turn that dark corner.  Yes, even in the daytime.  And isn't that what we are all looking for anyway? Why do we watch scary movies and play terrifying video games? Go on roller coasters?  Because we all, for some sick reason, enjoy feeling the way we did when we hunted animals as cave people (always the politically correct person, of course). Primal fear at it's finest.  I mean, if you are into experiencing fear that is.  I am.

I love wondering why people just leave a place.  People just don't DO that here.  It's very rare that people will just pack everything up and go, not sell it or anything.  Of course there are the rational reasons, the bank foreclosed, they are rich and just don't care, or someone died and there was no family to pass it on to.  But I like to think of more sinister reasons, like ghosts, and evil things, satanic things.

What the what?  Look at that freaking bathtub!  Why would you ever leave with a tub like that?  Jacuzzi and everything.  I'd share my bath with a ghost, we could all get along!  

Unless it was Freddie or something, we all know what he tries to do to Nancy in the bath...

The heat in this house must be insane for the paint to just peel like that.  Wouldn't it have been neat to witness the very first curl? To hear the crackle as it let go of the wall?

The overgrowth of nature was stunning.  It gave a green glow to every room.  I love when nature starts reclaiming.

When was black tile in?  The 90s?

Ok here we go...let's start the decent.  Of course I tried the light to see if it worked.

It was kind of dark down there (duh).  My sister refused to come down.  I refused to leave the bottom step. You are still safe on the bottom step, nothing can get you from there. But one foot on the basement floor and you are a goner.  Sayonara.

Not much to see, although weird that my camera started acting all wonky?  What's with the streamy thing?

And those weird lights?  And orb?

Ahhh....back in the light of the day.

This was the front lawn leading up to the steps.  You couldn't even get to them the closer you got, it was so overgrown.  

Life is good. Go wake yourself up with a healthy dose of fear! It really does a body good.  

Stay tuned for more!

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