The Wedding of the Year: Part 2

by - May 08, 2012

I only cried a little.  I didn't want to be a bumbling idiot and look like my best friend had died when it was such a happy occasion.  I find that for me, my joyous happiness and utter sadness tend to be one and the same.  I kept it in mostly.  But I was so happy.

My brother was so handsome.  And Sara was one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen.  And they were both so RELAXED.  At least they seemed to be.  Which is the way it should be.  Look at my parents to the side there.  They were both so happy.

My bro's boys.  It was so good having all MY boys in the same place again.

Super relaxed ceremony.  The kind I like.  

Seriously how handsome is my brother?

His gorgeous wife.

Husband and wife!!

Simple yet beautiful.

Cool face Dave.

Look at my boobs!  Come on, as if you didn't already.  They haven't been this high up in a LONG time...kind of freaked me out.

First dance.  I cried a little during this part too.

Mama and son dance! How effing cute are they? UGH!

Daddy/ daughter dance.

And this is what we woke up to the next day.  It was SUCH a gorgeous day.  And almost everyone who went to the wedding joined the couple for a hangover brunch.  And guess who wasn't hungover?? This gal!! I chose not to drink too much because I didn't want to feel like shit the next day.  We didn't get back to the hotel the night before until 2AM, and I even took a long boiling hot shower (WAY too much hairspray on my head), but I had a great sleep.  Brunch was delicious...I am still dreaming of the bacon.

All in all it was a wonderful wedding.  I had so much fun and the best thing to come out of it is I feel like I gained a whole other family.  Sara is my sister now and I feel the same way about the rest of her family, who are truly wonderful, amazing people.

When do we all get to party together again?

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