The Wedding of the Year

by - May 07, 2012

On Saturday April 28th,  all of my excitement and anxiety built to unheard of levels brother got married!

Now, you are probably thinking, so what? People get married all the time.  No friend, no.  This is MY brother we are talking about here, and my brother is awesome.  So is his wife.  WIFE!! AHHHH!

The day started out with my sister and I getting up at zero o'clock to get our hair done.  Ok fne it wasn't THAT early but I hadn't been sleeping very well for three nights before that, so it felt way earlier.

Of course, we went to Joyce the genius, and once again she made us beautiful.  Look at my sister's hair...gorgeous!

And then we started the long drive to the hotel we were all staying at.  And when I say 'all' I mean all 75 of us.  Pretty much everyone who attended the wedding.  It was a crazy train party of epic proportions.

Seriously, loved my hair!!  I wish she could do it for me everyday.

Our hotel room, our comfy bed.  My sister and I stayed at the Hilton in London two weeks ago for Sara's bachelorette and I fell in love with the bed then as well.  But I mean really...aren't all beds more comfortable than your own?  My bed sucks, so....

I am SO ready for this wedding!

Ta-da! The big reveal, I guess.  I do believe my mother called me 'sexy'. Remind me to never wear a dress around her again.  Just kidding.  She never see's me in a dress so she was probably just happy.  Two big events for her that day, the marriage of one kid and another in a dress. Wow!

Haha! Oh much hope in your eyes... and my mama.  She looked beautiful.  And so happy.  I told her to enjoy it because this is the only one she is going to get.

Me, mama, and Krista.  I do believe this is the first picture of us together in YEARS.  Must frame it for Mother's Day.

Waiting in the lobby, where I was trying hard not to poop my pants.  All of sudden I was super nervous for my brother.  I was also really bloated, which was pretty unfortunate given the UNFORGIVING STUPID DRESS I WAS WEARING.  But thanks though, body, thanks.

The venue was beautiful.  It was supposed to be outside but it ended up being freezing so they moved it indoors.  I am glad they did!  It was such a cozy room with all the fairy lights and the fireplace turned on, it really was magical.  And once we moved into the room where the reception was held, this room turned into the bar/ take a breather from all the dancing/ photo booth room.  Tons of fun.

My parents and the boys are teeny tiny milling around there, waiting for things to start.  Me, I am eying the wine station that was all set up behind them while taking this picture.

Me and Mrs. Jessica!  Yeah I can put Mrs. in front of her name because she is married too.  Her wedding was the wedding of the year last year.  Maid of honor representin'! All these people getting married sheesh.  I asked Dave if going to weddings makes him want to get married and he deadpanned a 'No' at me.  Ok, ok, we are on the same page man, but at least try to pretend!

The two men in my life.  Love you both so much!

More pics coming up!  Happy Monday everyone!

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