Welcome to the Funzone

by - March 12, 2011

Every time I party with my friend Di, a vortex of fun and dancing and booze and happiness happens. She brings the fun, and every one loves her and she knows everyone.  That's her with a bar over her face.  

The night started with all of us piling on to a streetcar and heading downtown to a little bar I love called Souz Dal. 

If you can't tell, this was a month or two ago.  Winter jackets see?

Souz Dal was packed so we had to go and sit out on their patio.  It was -10C that night.  But they lit some outdoor heaters, and made us some strong drinks, and we were all good.  Plus, the Jesus candles behind Dave worked their magic.

That's either really hot or kind of demonic.

Yeah we were pretty much souzed.  When we left here we moved on to a different bar where Di's friends were DJing.  They had a classic cocktail table arcade game with a ton of old games on it.  You can take a guess who bee-lined for that business and played Donkey Kong and 1942 for most of the night.

The bar we moved on to was pretty tiny, but after a while it turned into an epic dance party.  EVERYONE was dancing, in aisle's, outside, in their booths....shit it was a good time.  It was crazy because I randomly ran into a guy I knew 15 years ago. I was good friends with his sister (who I had lost contact with and had been trying to find), so that was kind of crazy.  We ended up talking about life for an hour and he filled me in on what his sister is up to.  I am going to give her a call soon.  It will be nuts to re-connect.

Man they make good drinks there. Enjoy life people! You never know what's going to happen and who you are going to meet!


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