Up to No Good: Abandoned House Edition

by - June 17, 2012

On to another chapter in our abandoned houses search...

It is honestly so easy to stroll up a driveway towards an abandoned house, with cars passing by and people seeing you. If you look like you belong there, people will automatically assume that you do.

I attempted to get into this trailer but it was locked up tight.  And even though it doesn't look like it, they set up a booby trap of grass all around it, which swallowed me up.  Not kidding, the grass was up to my chest.  It made it hard for me to try and 'gently' open the door with my body weight.  Don't worry, I knocked first.

And this was stashed away in the back?  This was no model home, I tells ya!

At this house I started feeling how burn-y my sunburn was.  It took a while to hit me, and then it hit me hard.

Scan the perimeter.  If the front door won't open, there is usually another door, or a window, or even a space big enough for us to get through.

As you can see, this guy was boarded up tight. I couldn't even pry the boards off. Someone did not want us to go in there.  And hey, I am picking up what you are laying down. Who wants to tempt fate?

First step.

Second step.

Third step.

Fourth step.

On the ground.  I think someone forgot to mow the lawn.

Even though we didn't get in to this one, we did get into one more on this day.  And that one was the silver tuna (points for anyone who knows where that is from!).

Keep exploring!

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