The Weekend of Awesome

by - June 04, 2012

This weekend was the most relaxing weekend I have had in a while. I went up to Jess and Rob's house in Desboro and proceeded to sleep and eat and sit on my butt for an extended length of time, and it was awesome. 

It rained all weekend, which added to the feeling of relaxation and coziness.  Too bad I was freezing cold all weekend! It's a city thing I am sure, as everyone else around those parts seemed to be just fine in the temperature department, while I was double layering it.  With a jacket over top, and a huge sweater.  Wrapped in a blanket.  

Surprised these aren't frozen solid.  I mean, it was only 11 degrees (Celsius) on Saturday.

Love this cat.  I lived with him for a couple of years.  I was happy to see that he hadn't lost any of his how he used to wake me up in the morning to feed him.  Which was loud banging of cupboard doors.  Smart, but loud.

They live out in the middle of nowhere.  They are surrounded by Mennonites and corn fields.  Which is wonderful.  Could I live out there? No.  But I thoroughly enjoy visiting it and them.  They will be my vacation home away from the city.

My gracious hostess and best friend, Jess.  Looking good Jessi!

See? Blanket.  I wasn't lying.  Trying to stop my teeth from chattering, but lying, no. P.S Jess- CONTAIN THOSE THINGS!  Also, I know you hate your picture being taken and posted, but it's for posterity and I love you, k?


On Saturday we picked up Jess's mom and went and got our nails done and then went out for lunch. I have officially crossed over into girly territory.  I like it, but there is a line. I can't be too girly, the giant penis in my head won't allow it.  

But shit mother fucker!  Don't they look good?  They turn my short boy fingers which are usually cut up to shit into beautiful looking princess hands!

Damn, my roots are growing in.

Oh hey there world!  Check it out! I have girly hands for the first time!

The scene of much sitting on asses and eating.  My favourite things to do.

I am pleased with all of this.  I will be back soon!  I needed this weekend of chilling out, and I needed to see my Jessi.  And Rob too. I do happen to love that guy.

Thanks you two!! Keep being cute and wonderful!  See you guys soon!!!

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