Who Has a Church Out in the Middle of Nowhere?

by - June 06, 2012

On this fine day, my sister and I stumbled upon this craziness.  Why is it crazy?, you ask.  It's just a weird looking building right?  Well, it's a church.  OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE.

I saw it and yelled for her to stop so that we could go in.  She was hesitant because why would they just let us in their church?  It's a church for Christ's sake, they HAVE to let us in!  I mean, unless they are Mormon.  

It really was very strange to me that this was out in the middle of nowhere-ville.  When we pulled up, there were people congregating in the backyard, I guess before the service started.  We could hear them talking and laughing as we walked up to the doors.

The fact that people were standing 20 yards away made it all the more eerie.  I was honestly super creeped out.  Never mind scary dark basements, for some reason I found this to be way creepier.

Krista did not share in my feelings.  She has obviously never seen Red State. Or read about Jonestown

Looks alright I guess.  Except, where do you sit?  Ugh! Imagine having to stand all through church and like, SUFFER?

I thought this was pretty.

OHHH!!! No worries, it's my motherland church!  My Macedonian grandma had these pictures of Jesus ALLLLL around our house growing up.  I always used to ask her why Jesus looked African American.  This church was specifically Croatian, but, same diff. 

Someone put a lot of detail into this church.  I believe it was owned and operated by the same person, and that they also lived here.  Still so weird to me that it was out in the middle of nowhere.

Krista whispered loudly to me that people were coming. Since we didn't ask if we could go in, and since I was taking a ton of pictures while essentially trespassing, when she said that I felt like there was a monster on my heels and I ran across the church to where she was standing.  She hissed at me to STOP RUNNING! and I realized that because of the acoustics in the room, and because all the windows were open, the people outside most definitely heard me pounding through their church.  Sigh, good one Katherine. How I have not been smote by lightening is beyond me.

Haha! Is someone after you Krista?  I believe there was a graveyard on the grounds.  I commented that those were the last people who trespassed and took pictures in their church.

Then we tried to get into their bell tower, where I dared Krista to ring the bells.  But we chickened out because people really were coming now.  And that would have been childish.  I mean, I guess it would have been.

It's always pretty neat to find things like this off the beaten path.  It makes for interesting stories, don't you think?

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