Canoe Tell We Are Having Fun? Part 1

by - July 30, 2012

Sorry, I have never used a camera before.  Newb! 

On Saturday morning, Dave and I woke up early to go on a canoeing adventure.  I had only ever really been canoeing once before and Dave had never been, so it was time.

Gah this photo trips me out.

Of course we had to start with a delicious and nutritious breakfast.  Cool Hand once again to the rescue.  Their fish tostadas are seriously to die for.  Not pictured here. This is their lamb sausage pesto and asiago cheese scrambled eggs.  Damn.


On our way! I found a company online called Canoeing the Grand.  You sign up online for a time you desire, show up, pay $60 for a canoe for the day, and they shuttle you to your starting point.  Pretty neat huh?  They take care of everything.  You bring yourself and the crackers, which I certainly DID!

But first a tiny tour of the hood.


Ok enough of Toronto lets go to Kitchener!

We waited with a bunch of college kids for our shuttle.  They were smart and brought a radio and BEER. On the website it strictly says that it prohibits alcohol of any kind, so I did not bring any, good girl that I am.  And here were a bunch of kids with beer. Obviously no one cares.  I mean, I am sure they would if you drank and drowned, so don't do that.

On the shuttle.

What a gorgeous day.  This river goes on forever.  You can choose to canoe a 50km stretch of it if you are brave like that.  It would take 10 hours.  We chose the 10km, which took 3 hours.

Way to paddle Dave!  He was a natural.

Jesus Christ I am built like a quarterback.  I have never had my picture taken from behind before.

The sky was unreal.  

Gross!  I hate seaweed.  I mean, I like it because it's a thing in nature and all that (and it's tasty), but it is so gross to swim in. Brings back memories of my childhood when we would go to cottages and the lakes would be full of seaweed that would wrap around your legs and try to pull you under.  Kind of like a Grindylow.

Keeping an eye out while Dave took a leak (on land).  Not that it would have mattered if he pee'd directly in the water.  This river is polluted.  I drank from it once when I was like 23 and got beaver fever.  DON'T read that if you don't want to be fucking grossed out.  I essentially shit my brains out for a few months and lost a lot of weight and had to drink pedialyte as my diet.  Nasty things were eating everything I ate before I could get any nutrients from them. Hence the weight loss and severe dehydration.  Fun times! The day I got REALLY sick from it my mom rushed me to the doctor because I couldn't stand on my own, and lo and behold, that was the day of the giant blackout. No power to 55 million people in Canada and the U.S.  So no hospital stay for me, which I could have USED THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

The lesson of the day here is: don't drink the water.  Stare at my glistening footballer's back instead.

Haha! Cool face.  On which one of us? I don't know.

There were a lot of little river roadways you could take, off the beaten path.  You couldn't go any further than a few yards in, but they were neat to explore.  The two that we went in were very different from each other.  Mucho fun!

To be continued. There is beer to be had in the next segment!

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