Up to No Good: Abandoned House Edition

by - July 25, 2012

With this house, we hit the jackpot. Not necessarily abandoned, but definitely not lived in. And who knows how long it had been empty before people decided to fix it up?  I am glad they did because it would have been a shame for this Victorian beauty to be re-claimed by nature, or even worse, torn down.

Just walked in the door and already I can see the beauty in this place.

Look at the how gorgeous the ceiling is over the hanging light.  So many fine details.  Krista was like SHIT! Do people live here??

Judging by the mold all over the place, I sincerely hope not.

But I do think that whoever was fixing this place up, needed a place to crash every once in a while?

Another scary small door leading to under the stairs.  Why do these exist? Aren't builders afraid to even BUILD them?

Yeah, you know I would take a picture of THAT.  Whatever that is.

There was fresh food in the fridge and groceries on the table.  Hmmm....you'd think that would scare us away, but no, no it didn't.

Let's climb the back staircase shall we?

Oh look, an old baseball belonging to a ghost child.  Neat o_0

Three doors up here and you couldn't get into any of them.  Which sucks because you know there were stairs leading to a scary gorgeous attic behind one of them.  

Main staircase leading up to the bedrooms.

This could be a screenshot of a low budget horror movie.  Sponsored by Rona.

This room was PILED with junk and smelled funny.  Like something had died in there funny.  I only hesitated for a second.

More kids stuff.

A brand new air conditioner.  These people have their priorities straight!

The ghostly footprint of the ghostly child.

It's cool to think that one day this house will be full of light and love. That a family will gather at Christmas time in their gorgeous house covered in snow, with a tree in the corner and a turkey in the oven.  If I lived in this house I would live for Christmas time.  To see it the way it is now, it's hard to imagine that it will ever look that way, but it will.  At least, I hope it will!

My imagination runs away when I enter these kinds of houses. Do you like exploring lost and forgotten places?

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