Bad Religion + NXNE = THE SHIT!

by - August 03, 2012

So back sometime in June, I can't even remember anymore, I went to NXNE to see a few bands play that I love. North by Northeast is a festival of 800 bands in 7 days, playing in small venues all around the city.  Pretty awesome, and they always have free shows at Yonge-Dundas Square. On the roster this year were No Use For A Name, Good Riddance, and Bad Religion.  All punk bands I grew up with...and FREE! Huzzah!

I was pretty freaking pumped.  We booted it downtown right after work and made our way into the beer section, where I proceeded to drink my dinner.  I had a lot of dinner that night.

James and Di!  Hello my lovelies.

Everyone was in a great mood that day.

Billy! So I have known this guy since we were 11 or 12 years old.  We were even boyfriend/ girlfriend briefly in grade school, which makes me appreciate him like no other when I think back.  He was the first guy to take a chance on the nerd girl (I was actually pretty fucking cool, people just didn't know it yet).  So he gets points for that.  Thanks dude!  He is also a pretty stellar guy. He is a true wanderer/ hippie spirit and I would love to sit down one day with him and hear all of his life stories. How was Roger Waters man? So jealous.

Vincent Price tattoo, you rock buddy!  I used to hope and wish and pray that Vincent Price would someday magically become my grandfather.  The alive Vincent Price, not the dead one.  Although on second thought, I'll take the dead one too. He could Thriller laugh me to sleep at night.

Cool way to stand Di! We are seriously lacking in the dance party department.  We need to do that soon.

Oh hey there boyfriend.

I think those red and green lights were just for me, the CHRISTMAS QUEEN.  Just call me Martha Fucking Stewart!  She's such a little bad ass.

Oh there you go, a date reference.  I knew it was sometime in June; my days all run into each other.  The life of a busy monkey.

Getting drunker and drunker as the night goes on.  I didn't have any dinner, so I was drinking on an empty stomach.  At first it totally sucked but after a while I stopped giving a shit, weehoooo!

YESSSSSS. Bad Religion.

We moved up to the Jack Astors balcony at midnight to consume some grub (finally!).  The patio was packed but I wormed my way in to a spot to take some pictures. And I met a guy named ??  Nice guy from Sudbury.  He was telling me how he was a music promoter and blah blah I stopped listening to the trying to impress bullshit.  Just be normal dude, your niceness was good enough.  Also, I got stuck talking to him for 20 minutes because I am too nice to just be like, 'cool' and walk away.  Thanks to my friends though FOR BEING ASSHOLES AND LEAVING ME THERE.  

That's his finger by the way.

All I am thinking here is FOOOOOOOOOD.

You know when you have just done the crazy run around like an animal all day thing, and you are starving? And then you are presented with food and even though you would rip through a hunk of half cooked meat you are so hungry, you don't want any of it? No? Well, that was me on this night.  So hungry but just not feeling it. At that point I was drunk and tired and just wanted to be in bed. I picked at some sweet potato fries and wished that I could teleport home. In a cloud.

I was surprised how many old people were eating at midnight. I fall in that genre? Soon enough my pretties, soon enough.

Just a bunch of misfits.

And this was me at work the next day.  Boy was it ever rough. I would totally do it all over again though since it was one of the funnest nights in a long time. Come back soon Bad Religion!

Have a great weekend everyone! It's a long weekend here and I plan on getting up to some adventures. Possibly an abandoned house adventure? We shall see!

Have a good one!

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