Happy Blogiversary

by - August 19, 2012

Hey there friends and neighbours!  How is everyone on this beautiful Sunday evening in August?  Myself, I am great.  Today is the 4 year anniversary of this little old blog! Crazy how time flies and how much things change.  This blog went from me writing about my life as it was in the past, to me showing you my life as I live it in the present. I have always said that this journal is my life as I live it, and when I turn 90 it will be something for me to flip through and remember all those little (as well as big) moments I have experienced throughout the years.

So happy blogiversary to me!

Now lets get on with it shall we?  

Last week I bought myself a Colgate Spinbrush Globrush (no they are not paying me for this.  No one ever effing does), and let me tell you folks, I am in LOVE with this toothbrush!  At the risk of making myself sound like a child or an incredibly immature adult, I love that this toothbrush glows.  For two minutes! So that I know how long to brush for! Love it.  Although, not to brag or anything, but I find it turns itself off after two minutes and I am not quite done.  So EFF YOU dentist who accused me of not brushing properly!! 

Makes my toothbrushing time fun and exciting.

Even the cats approve!

Anyway, that was then.  This is last night.  I went and hung out with the Johnster in his hood, in his fancy schmance condo (that I covet like a jealous bitch every time I am there).  Not pictured here. This is where I live, which I am appreciating more and each day in searching for a cheaper place.  There is NADA.  Everything is shitty and way too over-priced.  I pay $1200 a month and it's a steal; my landlord is an angel.  It would be nice, though, to have extra money, like, ever.

On the subway to John's.  I bought some saucy red nail polish that I LOVE.

Leaving the station.

I love it when the subway goes outside.

Dinner at Montanas.  It was kind of barf-o-liscious.  I ordered some kind of goat cheese pecan apple salad thing on a 'BED OF FIELD GREENS' and it was iceberg lettuce (blech) and pretty much thats it.  Stingy with the rest of the salad makes for an iceberg lettuce dinner.  For $14.99!

Whatever! It was all worth it to hang out with this guy!

I asked for white whine.  Twice.  Sigh.  Do I sound like a super complainer? I'm not.  It just sounds that way, because I actually wasn't even mad about any of these things. Whatever man, you win some you lose some.

This was the killer.  A tortilla wrapped cheesecake concoction.  Why I thought this sounded delicious I have no idea.  We both had a few bites and left the rest.  And then I proceeded to die a slow death of the lactose intolerance kind.  Too bad it wasn't worth the pain.  Oh well.

REDRUM.  This hallway gives me the creeps every time.  If I were John, I would not come out of my condo past midnight EVER.  Just saying.  It's the witching hour O_o

I ran at full speed towards John.  It was pretty hilarious.  I love running like that, as if you have no brakes.  The reason why I love long hotel hallways. At my brother's wedding, his room was at one end of the hallway and my sister's was at the other and I decided to run full speed crazy train towards one end while my sister laughed hysterically. Little did I know that a person from housekeeping was coming out of one of the rooms and I flew past her like a ghost and scared the shit out of her. I thought she was going to have a heart attack. I yelled 'sorry' as I streaked down the hall, but she shot me daggers anyway for a good five minutes.

John has mirrors.  I know you think I am a super obsessed with myself person because every time I go there I take a picture like this but I promise you I am not! I just don't have a full length mirror at my house!

Well...this one is a little self obsessed.  Maybe.

The scene of the lazy crime.  Where much sitting and eating and drinking and being lazy occurred.

What a little angel creature.

Taking pictures was expending too much energy.

And then John had a laugh attack.  I am talking a full blown, could not stop laughing like a mad person laugh attack.  

Still laughing.

And now I am laughing because your laughter is so insane.

And what were we laughing at? THIS:

We are a just a couple of stupids who love each other.

John's cat Chewbacca, on his 'Burt Reynolds rug'.  Oh my god.

Night is over folks.  Time to go home! I was so tired for some reason last night.  Dave was a super sweetheart and picked me up at 2AM to bring me home because I didn't want to crash there.  Thank god he did.  It was a 'I want to sleep in my own bed' kind of night. All I wanted to to do was brush my teeth, wash my face and get into my pajamas and go to sleep.  This happened of course, at 4 in the morning.  I DO NOT STAY UP THAT LATE.  Unless you want to see the birthing of a demon.

So needless to say, I was exhausted.  The furrier my teeth got, the more I felt like I would turn into a pumpkin.  I was eternally grateful to be in my own bed.

Just a little meteorological update, it's COLD here at night! I can't believe how chilly it was last night, we ran home after parking the car in the lot.  We crawled into bed and snuggled under the covers and enjoyed the silence (DM forever!), because there was no need for the air conditioner (thank god!).

And there is my dinner, ringing the doorbell.  Have a lovely rest of your Sunday and a delicious sleep when you get there tonight!  

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