Much Needed

by - August 13, 2012

Had a really good weekend, full of good friends (the best) and food.  You can't really go wrong there.

My bestfriendforever Ciara came to visit, and it had been a while since I had the excitement/ pleasure/ soul cleanse of her presence. I know that didn't make sense, shut up.  She came over and crashed at my place on Friday night, I made sure to set up a nice cozy bed for her. Because when I go and visit people that's all I want.  My own space, and a cozy bed.  Not a couch, not an air mattress on the floor, a space for myself.  I guess that means I am a grown up, because gone are the days of me crashing out on someone's floor, no sir. Too old for that shit.

We went out for dinner, with my sister and Dave, and it was a lovely experience of eating and drinking for a few hours.  I love the long meal linger over wine talk. I don't do it nearly enough. I think this is why I have started ordering coffee (decaf) after meals out because I want to extend the time to just sit there and talk.

In the early afternoon morning on Saturday, we went for brunch, invited my sister out again, to which she complained afterwards every second about the meal and how it wasn't good and how expensive it was. Because I made it and charged her for it.  That's my sister though. Oddly enough, we got into a bit of a fight about the whole complaining thing on Saturday, which I am not sure why it even turned into one. I was explaining how I am a born complainer but I did some work on myself to try and be a more positive person, because no one likes a complainer. And even though my initial urge is to vent all over the place about things that bother me, I just don't. The old adage of "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all", you know? Especially about things you can't change. And then she reacted in the only way she knows how, to hit below the belt and say something mean.  I don't know why she chose to get so defensive about something so insignificant.  Especially because I am her sister and I would never do or say anything to intentionally hurt her feelings.  I am not like that.

Anyway, moving on from family bullshit drama. The rest of the weekend was awesome, with Dave and I just chilling out on the sofa watching movies.  The past few nights here have been borderline chilly, and I am not minding it in the least. I think I am ready for Fall. I have been making myself a hot drink at work lately in the afternoons, which is my normal winter behavior.  Tonight I am excited to go home and make myself some soup. Now don't be fooled people, the temperature right now feels like 31C (87F).  Maybe it's just the Canadian in me getting a head start on the mental preparation needed before winter begins. Not that I am complaining....I am a winter girl at heart.

Other than that, not much else happened. There was plenty of couch lying, ice cream eating, yummy dinners made and general relaxation.

It was much needed.

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