Up To No Good: Abandoned House Edition

by - August 27, 2012

Here we are again, on another crazy house hunting adventure. Of the abandoned kind of course!

My sister found this one day when she was driving to my parents house and wanted to get in it.  We pulled up and this hawk was giving us the stink eye, for trespassing on it's property I suppose.  Don't worry little big it was big hawk! We will not disturb anything!

Tried to catch it in mid flight, but this is all I got.  Apparently it was being a bitchy diva.  Or my camera skills suck; whatever.  Easier to blame everyone else!  P.S- did you know that my family had a hawk as a pet? We saved it because it broke it's beak as a baby.  Kept trying to let it go and the damn thing grew attached to us.  It ended up dying.  Lesson to everyone: wild animals should not be pets!

Ooooh.  How inviting.  Beckoning, even.

There was a wasp nest around this door.  No thank you.  We went in the other door so as not to disturb.  Because everyone knows that wasps are the TRUE bitchy divas.

Umm...I like what you've done with the place?

So this house was obviously ravaged by a fire.  It was a tread carefully kind of mission.  We did not enter any of these side rooms where the roof no longer existed.  Well, it did.  It was just on the floor.

Think it's safe to breathe that stuff in?  Probably not right?

Old phone.

I'm pretty sure if you tried to pull that door open, it would just fall away from the wall.  And then the house would come down around it.  

Exactly what I was feeling at the time.

The stairs to the attic were the sturdiest things in the house.  It was a dream attic.  If you added a floor and turned it into a really cool room, it would be an awesome place to hang out!  Although...my bedroom is in an attic and I don't think it's cool.  So maybe I wouldn't like it.  Jeez, bi-polar much?

See? Pretty.  I like all the brick work.

I did not go up here.  I am not that stupid.

Oh my god these jeans.  They are the tightest jeans I own, and why I wore them on a day where it was almost 40C, I don't know.  My legs were sweaty and they were sticking to me and it was just not pleasant. 

The fan had melted downwards from the heat of the fire.Sometimes I wish there were audio tours of the houses that we get in to.  You know, just magically.  Not anything that someone has set up, because that would take away from the scariness/ mystery of it all.  But it would be cool to know how long a place has been abandoned for, why, who lived there....who knows.  One thing is certain about this place: I don't see it standing for too much longer.  I am glad I was able to get in, tread lightly, take some pictures, and leave.  At least I still have an appreciation for something that used to mean the world to somebody.  So it won't be forgotten. These abandoned houses stand as sentries to the past for me, things that should not be taken lightly, and should always be respected.  I am glad that I do this, this exploration of what once was.

And I am glad that I can leave, and find another one.

Would you go into a place like this? Tell me your crazy stories!

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