August 2012 Favorites

by - August 09, 2012

Any rich old dudes out there who want to buy a young girl a gift?  I am offering nothing in return, not even my company. Probably not even my real address either, just some random shipping one. Any takers?

I am not even going to tell you how much this purse costs, but for the ladies (and possibly gents) who own or covet one of these, YOU KNOW. About the cost of a year's worth of food for some.


These boots though, at $268, are a little more affordable. And are going to be in my arms in a week or two.  They are Frye boots and I have been wanting a pair for two years now, I just could never afford them.  I still can't, but fuck it! You only live once right?
Will anyone ever sponsor me one of these days? Like, for anything?

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