A Day in the Life

by - September 11, 2012

Oh hey meet my cat. She is crazy. No for real she has anxiety issues. Diagnosed. But isn't she a cutie?  She could be a penguin and hatch an egg under that blanket of fat at her feet.  Bless her.

Just look at that special little face.

So! Let's take a little journey down to what I have been up to lately.

My bestie Jessi visited the city a couple weeks ago, and it had been a couple of months since I had seen her.  And look! Baby has gotten bigger.  Funny how those things work :P No I was like grossly excited to see her and her baby belly...she looks beautiful as always.  Lucky girl, pregnancy suits her.  I would just be red and purple and breathing heavy throughout the entire nine months.

Downtown baby!  I like that I have a healthy dislike of downtown Toronto.  Because then when I do go there, I really like it.  Make sense? No, it doesn't have to.

Haha.  The look on her face is priceless.

One of my favorite couples.

My favorite couple! What kind of girlfriend would I be if I said otherwise?  I suppose it's a bit conceited to say that you are your favorite couple.  Whatever...I like us.

When Dave works overtime, sometimes I meet him after work.  It's usually pretty late, but I enjoy the walk.  And if by enjoy I mean walking super fast, trying desperately not to look behind me every five seconds, attempting to look like I could cut a bitch, then yup, totally enjoyable.  We live in a bad neighborhood.  This is a conversation we had over text the other night when I left to meet him:

Me: Call me when you get out so I am not scared!

Dave: I'm just walking someone to their car and then I will! :)

Me: Oh ok....how long will you be?


Me: ???????


Me: I'm getting raped and murdered over here.


Me: Cool.

He called me right after that and told me I was impatient.  I told him next time I would ask the rapist to just hold on a sec.  Sigh.

Still, it is a pretty picture at night isn't it?

And the bridge during the day. This past Sunday we walked around and ran some errands.  The weather has been so nice lately, it really feels like Fall.  The temperature here last night was only 10C (50F).  And it has been sunny (not at night duh). This is the Fall I like.  Never mind rainy and warm.  I want chilly and sunny.  We have been waking up in the mornings to freezing cold floors (not so cool) and needing to close windows.  Heaven.

Cool face.

Dave crosses this bridge every day to get to and from work. The stairs are steep.  It's good exercise.

Speaking of Dave's work, I finally had a chance to see it on Sunday.  He needed to run up there and grab his sweater, so he asked me if I wanted to see the caf and front reception area.  I am not allowed into the actual studio where the work is done, that's all top secret stuff.  But Ubisoft does a tour every year sometime in the Fall where they let members of the public in to see where the magic happens, so I'll just steal all the info then.  Kidding!

It's so freaking nice in there.  Made me super jealous.


And look at this guy....you are a lucky one Dave.  I know you know that!

I have been watching a lot of Halloween movies and movies that feel like Fall lately.  I guess I am in that kind of mood.  I am ready to hibernate I think.  Once the weather starts getting chillier, we tend to slow down a little, eat a little more, cuddle more. All I want to do is eat soup.  It's crazy how much and how quickly the change of season affects my mood...

Today was another crisp sunny day.  I hope you all take the time to enjoy a moment or two of this weather if you are experiencing it.  We go back to it being hot here tomorrow.  I hate it when it yo-yo's like this.  Just pick a temperature!

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