Adieu Summer, Adieu

by - September 07, 2012

I feel like Fall is almost here.  It crept up on us this last week while it was still boiling hot and humid. I went outside onto my deck a couple of days ago and noticed that my wisteria leaves had turned yellow and were falling off.  I thought I had killed it! Until I looked over at the Virginia Creeper and saw that it's leaves had turned a beautiful shade of red.  WTF man? It's still 30C here! 

Labor day weekend for many around here includes the Canadian National Exhibition, or, for you 'in' folks, the CNE.  The last time I went to the CNE I was 17 and when we came home my cat was dead on the driveway.  So there's that.  You can get such delicacies as the bacon wrapped deep fried Mars bar (why the bacon?), or the deep fried Oreo cookie.  Or the deep fried finger of the person working the deep fryer.  Come on, it's bound to happen.

How city-ish.

CN Tower.  Still have never been.  It's such a touristy thing to do.  Maybe one day.  There is a rotating restaurant in that circle-y thing.

It's doesn't look that high up does it?

It is!!  And yes, you can walk along the edge of the CN tower with only a rope attached to you.  Craziness. Click on these two pictures to get to the source: Mark Blinch Visual Blog.

Anyway, back to this.  We wanted to go walk around the East end Beaches.  We started in Kew Gardens and went from there.  It was a prefect day for it.

We ended up on the beach, where we found these guys blowing in the wind (which was crazy! The wind not these things!).

They were fascinating to watch.

Lake Ontario.  Where the fish have three eyes.  Haha.  I wish I was only kidding.  It's better than it used to be, and people swim in it now, but I don't know man.

Dusty pants.

Sigh.  The light is changing.  It looks like autumn sunlight.  It is fully dark here by 8PM now.  Not that I don't love the winter or anything because I do, but I wish it wasn't so dark all the time.

The water was bitterly cold.

See? Red feet! So cold!

And then we ended our romantic stroll with some root beer and burgers.  Delicious mouth watering burgers from Big Smoke Burger which were kind of....disappointing.  Not awful, but not the greatest this time.  And I wish I wasn't saying that because I love Big Smoke Burger.  Their spicy burger with caramelized onions and chipotle mayo? Out of this world!!! See Big could PAY me for this or something!

Before the first bite.

And I'm out.  Mentally.  There is a big storm coming our way tonight, and it's not helping my already tired bones.  I am counting down the minutes until I am home, workout and shower are over, and I am in my pjs, warm and dry, listening to the rain and wind in the eaves. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday night!

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