My Name is Kato and I Am A Junkie For Junk Food

by - September 04, 2012

I only wish I was kidding.  

Last Friday, as I sat at work, working away, my gaze kept wandering across the street to the candy store.  And as I sat there, working away, I thought "It would be nice to have a bit of candy to snack on. Just a little bit.  Just a taste".  And I grabbed my wallet to run across the street to indulge myself.

And then I scolded myself, thinking "No Katherine.  You do not need that candy.  Empty calories that hurt your sensitive belly, they are not even worth it", and I threw my wallet back in the drawer and slammed it closed with all the satisfaction in the world, smiling at myself for my bravery and good sense.

Cut to five minutes later, and my gaze was again, wandering across the street to that candy store.

And what commenced was the greatest mind fuck in all of history, where I HAD to have that candy, and then NO! You do not need it! And back and forth until I was exhausted with it all and I just went and bought the goddamn candy.

I only wish I was kidding.

Today at work, as I was working away, I thought to myself, "I need some chocolate, just a little taste".  And on and on until a battle was waged and I, the loser, could be found rocking in a corner, stuffing Reese Peanut Butter Cups in to my mouth with vigor. 

Cut to later on this very same evening, when the thought of Smartfood popcorn made my insides rage with want, with NEED, all the while promising myself that I would only have a little bit, just a little bowl, as I sent my lovely dealer out into the rain to score me a giant bag of the drug I needed.

I ate that whole mother fucking bag in one sitting.

I only wish I was kidding.  

Someone just hand me a spoon and a syringe already.

My emotions tend to weigh heavily on what I eat.  If I am particularly balanced, than you will only find fruit and lean meats, with some vegetables and heck, even SWISS CHARD (shudder) thrown in for extra health points.  

And that lasts about a week.

And then there is happiness and HEY! let's go out and celebrate, or I have a raging case of PMS and I just want to lie on the couch and eat Hot Lips and cry about how much I hate everything, all the time, everywhere, throwing my hands into the air, giving up.

I am a monster.  I can't contain myself where junk food is concerned.

Soooo....what to do about it?

I hereby declare the 30 DAY NO JUNK FOOD CHALLENGE.  I will pop on here everyday and tell you EXACTLY how I am feeling about this nonsense, both emotionally and physically. Maybe I will feel better, maybe I won't survive that long, maybe Dave won't have a head by the end of it?  Stay tuned to find out.

Wish me luck folks.  And may the odds be ever in my flavour....I mean, favour.

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