No Junk Food Challenge: Day 13 & 14

by - September 18, 2012

Almost halfway there.  Last night I had the WORST craving of my life.  It was a doozy.  Someone mentioned drinking chocolate milk on a blog, and then out of nowhere Dave said, "I really feel like chocolate milk right now", and BLAM!!!  Instant craving.  I NEEDED to have chocolate milk.  And my brain started it's process of talking me into having it, telling me that it was ok, and that if I felt that strongly about it, well, my body was trying to tell me something and is probably lacking in something or other and it needs it to survive. 

Chocolate milk.

I even felt myself starting to whine in my head about how it all was so unfair and this whole thing is stupid, STUPID! I am the only one placing these restrictions on myself, so who gives a shit right?  Well, that right there is the devil talking people.  And guess what?

I resisted.  

I drank WATER instead.  

So I won that battle.  I was very proud of myself for it too.  And honestly? After I had a glass of water, the craving dissipated.  Just like that.  And I even watched Dave drink a small carton of it too (he's not a jerk, I made him get it.  He isn't on the challenge!).

So there you go.  No chocolate milk for me, and I am happier for it.  Plus, I lost five pounds.  BONUS!  I wasn't even trying for THAT.

Maybe this really will be worth it.

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