No Junk Food Challenge: Day 16

by - September 20, 2012

Day 16, and uhhh, guys, I may have been lying to you.  Well, not lying to YOU necessarily, but maybe to myself.  A little bit.  A teeny tiny bit.

You see, last night Dave and I went out and had burgers for dinner (Darryl!!), and I suppose I convinced myself that burgers were ok.  But my friends, we all know this is a big fat lie.  I guess I was like, there's no sugar in these, it's ok!!! But alas, nope.  Not okay.  It's a no JUNK FOOD challenge, and I had some junk food. I did.  I also drank a *GASP* root beer with my burger last night.  And had fries.  God damn, I deserve to by lynched.  In my defence, it was cane sugar and not refined.  

I have fallen from grace.  Today I even ate some dried kiwi fruit, fully aware of the fact that the little white crystals sprinkled all over it was sugar.  REFINED SUGAR.  

Days 15 and 16 were not good days.  Indigo, I am sorry! I hope you can forgive me. Don't follow in my footsteps friend!

Time to get back on track.  And be serious.  And not use military type brainwashing tactics to convince myself of things that are not true. 

FUCK.  Only 14 more days to go.

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