No Junk Food Challenge: Day 2

by - September 06, 2012

Day two, and I am feeling alright.   Again, I suspect it's because it's only day 2.  Earlier, I found myself reaching for a soda at lunch, and then I had to stop myself.  First, it's crazy how much of this crap is around you all the freaking time (delicious crap, DELICIOUS), and second of all I HATE SODA.  Why the hell was I craving one at lunch? Oh right, the sugar.

But I stopped myself, and I am feeling alright.  My boss came around a little while ago with imported chocolates and I turned them down.  Really it just made me feel superior.  High and mighty, you know?  Was super proud of myself, so I ate the rest of the quinoa salad that was part of our catered lunch.  GODDAMN that salad was good.  Look at me replacing unhealthy with healthy!! Someone needs to create a statue of me and put it in a square somewhere.

Those Reese Peanut Butter Cups are still sitting in my fridge.  Untouched.  I wonder if they will be there for the entire 30 days or if I will have to hold a knife to Dave's throat and force him to consume them all because I just can't stand to be around them anymore.

I can't wait for my pictures to get uglier and for you all to finally see the monster that I really am.   

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