No Junk Food Challenge: Day 22

by - September 26, 2012

I can smell the end! The sweet smell of success! Although yesterday I went into my phone to check my sugar intake for the month as opposed to last month (I use a calorie tracker thing), and it wasn't any different. So yeah, whatever. I was all proud to post the stats of that here but nope! It's all ruined now! Thanks for bursting my bubble calorie thingy and showing me that I have done nothing for the past three weeks.

Whatever.  I'm over it.

Candy has not passed these lips. Chips and or/ other greasy crunchy junky things have not entered this body. Neither has ice cream. I essentially THREW AWAY the last few weeks of ice cream eating weather for this thing. If I had known that the last one I had all those weeks ago literally would be my last until next May....sigh. It's all for the greater good.

But the light....I see the light!

Plus! I went for a run today for the first time. It was pretty fantastic. Who knew I would LIKE running? I always said that if a murderer was chasing me that I would probably just stop and be like, "Ok you win" because I am NOT a runner. That picture above was taken after my run...awesome right? My stupid hair is trying to curl because I was sweaty, and HEY! Anyone want to SPONSOR ME FOR SOME WORKOUT GEAR?? I need shoes and an ipod and maybe a windbreaker jacket thing with some good pockets and all that stuff.  I'm serious now! Newbie runner who knows nothing who will give you a good review on your shit.  Contact me assholes!

What did you all do today?  

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