No Junk Food Challenge: Day 7

by - September 11, 2012

Today, today.  Today was not so much a good day.  I was hungry, tired, and seriously craving something sweet.  I didn't roll out of bed today until 11:30AM (I am supposed to be at work at 10).  It's on days like today that I need some sugar to wake me up.  

See that little bit of red in that picture there?  Yeah, that's THE BEST candy store in all of Toronto, in my humble opinion.  The man who works there is one of my best friends, for real.  Sweet Thrills it's called, and ay-oh, oh-ay, it is.  Sigh.  A pile of change and nothing to spend it on.  Never you mind that it is just pennies.  This is what I stare at all day long, this is my view. not a good day.  

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