No Junk Food Challenge: Days 20 & 21

by - September 25, 2012

21 Days down! I can't even believe it.  And I only faltered once-ish.  Pretty awesome right?  

I'm just trying to conjure up some excitement as I am sure this whole thing has become a bit boring to you all. I wouldn't even blame you if stopped reading this (as long as you come back once it's all over!).  I mean who the hell am I right? Who gives a shit if I stopped eating junk food and sugar for 30 days, big deal.  I get it. But I have to see it through here, or else the challenge will have failed.  Believe me when I say I would rather be taking pictures of myself face down in a vat of ice cream, or salivating with a juicy burger near my mouth. So I thank you all for sticking with me through this, especially the ones who have been incredibly supportive.  I love you! Let's get married.

I have come back with a vengeance in this challenge and am happy to say that I have been sticking with it and then some.  One of the major changes I have made for good is switching from fruit yogurts to plain yogurt.  I never realized the added refined sugar that was in them.  I mean I guess I knew that because I am a label reader, but I suppose I just didn't care.  Now I do.  I don't need refined sugar with my breakfast.  A bit of honey and some fresh fruit make a delicious meal for me in the mornings. 

Anyway, I realize how self-absorbed this all is, I just wanted to say thanks again and let you know that I am making it through!  That's a success face if I've ever seen one!

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