No Junk Food Challenge: Days 23 & 24

by - September 28, 2012

This is how excited I am that it's already day 24.  Excited that I don't have to do these posts anymore!  

I also just noticed how big my nose is (again).  Interesting....

So blah blah no sugar, easy whatever.  I have nothing left to say about this anymore except that for some freakish reason I have been fine for 24 days and don't even think about junk food or candy.  What is this telling me? The thought has been crossing my mind that maybe I never ate as much candy as I thought I did.  That I have some sort of weird candy eating dysmorphia.  Is it entirely possible that it was all in my head? I did start this whole challenge last month right before my basement sprung a leak (monthly visitor, the bleedies, you get the picture) when I was RAGING for candy.  Perhaps next week I will notice an influx of candy desire?  Get back to you on that, further research is required. 

In other news, I can't walk because my calf muscles are dying from the inside out.  Also, it's Friday.

Peace out! Have a good one ladies and gents! 

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