Playdium Arcadium 2

by - September 19, 2012

Well shit! I don't even remember where I left off with this one. Oh right, we ate some ramen.  At Kenzo. And we were on our way to Playdium!  Got it now. 

Sometimes I just love downtown Toronto. It's awesome to walk around and look at all the different architecture.  If there is one thing about downtown T.O, is that no building is the same.  It's amazing.  Just don't walk and gaze too slowly or I will plow you! We tend to walk very fast around here, like, WHERE'S THE FIRE!!!???

Having access to zipcars is amazing.  Can't wait to buy our own car one day!  Dave and I almost went through with buying a 2008 VW Jetta a month or two ago.  It didn't end up working out and I am kind of glad it did, for now. We will know when the time is right.  It will probably be right next year.  Maybe.

These pictures are going to be so sad to look upon in like, a month from now.  It was such a nice night, and the sun was just going down, and it was warm.  Not that I am complaining at this point, but the temperature went down to 5C (41F) last night.  It was a chilly walk to work today...I had to put on a jacket.

I will have to look at these in the dead of winter and cry myself to sleep, so that I can dream of summer.

I wore this very same jacket to work this morning.  With the sleeves rolled down and buttoned up.  With a scarf.

Weird building.


Finally! Here we are! Waiting in line to buy our tickets, which I must say, were incredibly expensive.  It's ok, we were in it to have fun!

Ready for fun!

I was pretty excited at this point.

And we did have fun.  Not as much as I thought we would, but it was a good time! God I am the life of the Playdium party aren't I? They didn't have a lot of cool games, in my personal opinion.

It was 90% shooting games, racing games and DDR.  And hey! These can be fun, which they were, but there were no old school arcade games.

I guess there isn't much of a market for them anymore.  Playing side by side shoot em ups WAS pretty rad though.

Ah yes, this is more what I was looking for. A little Tekken 6 anyone? I was nostalgic for those bouncing boobs and crazy crotch shots, so thanks for this one!

It's a pretty neat looking place.

Oh right, this game.  This game was frustrating.

See? That's my super annoyed face.

All in all it was a fun experience.  Made me feel old though, because all the games that were there were not MY kind of games.  You know, the good ones.  And that makes me old haha! I guess they have to cater to the younger monsters as they are the ones begging their parents for $30 to get in.  Sigh.  Where have the old arcades gone? Where you pay with real money and not credit, and you can walk around and drink beer? Where are 1942 and Double Dragon when you need them?

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