Playdium Arcadium

by - September 12, 2012

A couple of weeks ago Dave and I had a little adventure that found us on our way to Playdium.  We had both never been there before, so we were pretty excited to start our day and play!  

Playdium is a fun spot that has a ton of video games, go karts, rock climbing, mini golf, etc....basically a place where you can be a kid again at a giant arcade.

The day was perfect for it.  Summer is on it's way out already, so it's nice to be able to look at these and remember just how hot and beautiful it was only two weeks ago.  Not that it isn't beautiful out now, it's just that when it starts to get a bit chilly, we can't help but look ahead to the long cold winter, where the normal temperature sits at -20C below (-4F), and the days of sunshine average about zero.

Needless to say, we were enjoying everything about this day.

My 'hood, the Junction.

It looks fake it's so stupidly nice.

More Junction love.  Did you know that my neighbourhood was under prohibition until 2001?  It's true.  Also probably why all the bars here are shit.  Lots of organic food places and art pop up shops....all the hippies are moving here because Roncesvalles got too expensive.  I used to live on Roncy.  For $1200 a month I got to sleep in a dining room.  It had a door at least.  I miss it there so much.

See our Zip Car all the way at the end there?

No this is not how ZipCars lock their doors.  But, when Dave and I parked in a lot downtown, I saw that there are people out there who DO lock their doors this way. Hilarious....had to take a picture.

What a perfect spot to go for some dinner! Kenzo! My favourite.  To get the link I had to go to the site and I let out a little squeal when I saw the pictures. Like a pig.  How I am when I think about this freaking place.

Giant beer, tiny glass.  I am very serious about this operation of pouring.

Can't wait to come here in the Winter, when the windows will be all steamy and it will be warm and cozy.

I look twelve here.  I promise you I do not look THAT young.  I am going to be 33 at the end of this year. Yikes! I got carded the other day at the LCBO and the girl didn't believe my I.D.  Hahaha! I wouldn't have laughed just there if she had denied my purchase.  I love when things like that happen though.  I like to think that someone picked my card out of the bunch that day because it was my turn for a nice thing to happen to me.  These instances won't happen for much longer, so I have to get them in writing as much as I can.



Oh man, the best part.  I ask for an egg in mine.  Soooo good, you have no idea.  I mean, unless you do.  If you ever go to a Kenzo, ask for the Shi-o Ramen with an egg.  You won't regret it.

And this is what will occur.

I think I am going to make this a two parter, I am pooped.  And Sons of Anarchy needs to be watched. New season bitches!  

Check ya later!

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