What's Been Going On Around Town

by - September 24, 2012

I present to you a bit of a photo dump. None of this will have any coherence whatsoever, so you know, you have been warned.

Also, I keep seeing bugs crawling on me out of the corner of my eye today.  Tired, or an acid flashback?  Probably the latter....hopefully my skin won't start melting.

So yeah, where were we?  Two weekends ago, my mom and sister and mom's friend crossed the border into good old Niagara Falls, NY AKA my favorite place to be for shopping extravaganzas!  TARGET!  We were just passing Niagara Falls at this time, and it was super pretty.  It reminded me of 6 years ago (or so) when Dave and I went on a fun trip to Niagara Falls and played arcade games the whole time and ate fancy food and walked under the Falls.  We had a blast! We need to do that again...

It was my parents 39th anniversary last Saturday, so my sister and I took them out to wherever they wanted to go.  They decided on the Mandarin, where they take your picture if you are celebrating something.  This is what we got out of it.  Cool.  I am staring at nothing and everything at the same time.

I was colder than a witch's tit all weekend at my parents.  The only thing I maybe don't love about the beginning of Fall is not knowing what to wear.  I either under dress or over dress.  When I was there I under dressed and was FREEZING all weekend.  Thank god for these little guys and wanting to cuddle.  They did their jobs and kept me warm.

Look at his lips!! I want to make out with him he is so handsome.

The last week at work, I got a little bored picture happy.  Reclining in my office.  Well, it's not my office, it just doesn't have any one else in it right now, and GOD DAMN I hope it stays that way.  I work better alone.  People annoy me.

All my plants that I can only have at work.  My apartment is too dark for these guys to survive.

I pretty much wore my pajamas to work on Friday.  Pajama style shirt:

And leggings for pants.  Plus a pair of wooly socks that I walked around in all day, no shoes.  Who needs them right?

This Saturday my bro and his wife were in the city so we decided to meet for some drinks.  Saturday was a great day.  I cleaned the house (LOVE a clean home), hung out a bit, and then headed out to hang with my brother, which is always a fun time.


Oh right.  I thought it would be the MOST INTERESTING thing in the world to take pictures of the books I am reading at the moment.  Don't you feel like your entire day has been MADE?  Although this book below is pretty awesome.  It's a good scary story and it has pictures.  Not drawn pictures.  Old, creepy photographs of weird things that give me the willies.  I recommend it!

I was one chapter in to this book, but put it aside to read the one above.  It's ok so far, but I am finding the writer is more concerned about expressing how she was the GREATEST of friends with Freddie Mercury.  I mean that's great and all but I don't care about your friendship, I want to read about his life.  It also reads a bit like a textbook.  After coming off of reading Scar Tissue, which was a fantastic autobiography (I know the Freddie Mercury one is a biography, I realize they are different), I am hoping that this one gets better.  I know I am only a chapter in, I am sure it will.

On the bus, heading downtown and we have some creeeepers!

Hey look! It's my brotha! Love you Kefo!  He made me ask for an expensive kind of scotch (for him) that was hard to pronounce and then proceeded to laugh at me when I sounded like a tool asking for it.  Thanks for that!

Broski and his wife.  They are not arguing here, just having a serious discussion.  Probably about how amazing I am.  Yup.

My brother's wife's sister.  She is honestly just such a cool person.  And they are a super cute couple.  Hi guys! You're cute!

Sunday morning and it was freezing in our bedroom.  This is Dave, who looks very pregnant here.  Guess why? Because all the cats burrow under the covers and steal our warmth.  I thought this was hilarious.  Stupid cats.

Thoughts of burrowing and stealing all my covers.

We are going to have to dust this guy off and turn it on soon! It's a mini fireplace (it's a heater), complete with fire crackling noises!  I love this thing.

We went out for breakfast on Sunday morning at our favorite place (surprise, surprise), and Dave was lost in thought here.  Thinking about the delicious breakfast to come? Most likely.

My crock pot concoction of chicken, rice, veggies and a can of mushroom soup.  It kind of looks like vom, but I promise you it was super delicious.  I went through my crock pot cookbook last night and bookmarked a bunch of yummy recipes that will be warm in my belly very soon.  I love Fall and crock pot cooking!

Sorry that this post just degraded incredibly.  I stopped paying attention to it like, 10 minutes ago.  Have a great day everyone!

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