by - October 15, 2012

Ok, just one baby. And contrary to the picture below, it's not MY baby.

Even though I am not into having my own babies, I can always count on other people to do the nasty and produce some.  Which makes me utterly happy and almost stupid with excitement! Especially when it's my best friend having a baby. Honestly though, look at these little teeny guys. I will be the aunt who buys him a new pair of Converse every year.  Until he gets into high school or something though, cause that might be weird.  Perhaps Converse in the year 2026 will be like the embarrassing knitted Christmas sweater with reindeer on it?  That poor kid.  Could someone PLEASE knit me one of those sweaters??!!!  I'm not afraid to be a loser.

GAHH.  Insert gibberish baby talk here.

The mama to be.  Who is gorgeous by the way.  Pregnancy suits you Jessi.  She is due Dec 14th or around there, but I want her to wait until the 22nd when YOURS TRULY was born.  Then the two of us can whine and moan for the rest of our lives about our unfair birthday and feel forever entitled for everyone to make our birthday SUPER DUPER SPECIAL.

The daddy to be.  Thanks dude, for the Wal-Mart run.  Thanks to you too Dave.  I am inept at throwing a smooth baby shower.  

So yeah, I threw her a baby shower.  Those things are a lot of work you know.  I don't DO a lot of work.  So I must love those two.

I did not however, make these.  A grandma-to-be did.  And they were delicious. They were blue and pink because I came up with the idea of a gender reveal INSIDE the cupcakes (I am sure it wasn't MY idea, but you get what I am saying). When you bit into them, they were blue.  Everyone was given one at the same time and we all dug in at the count of three.  I forced Jess  not to tell anyone the gender because I am mean. Well, she was allowed to tell the important people. Like me.  Which made it super easy to go shopping.

It was colder than the arctic on this day.  I am surprised the rain wasn't snow.

Haha cool.  Do you like my beautifully placed sign behind me?  I am telling you, I am not one for throwing pretty parties and having themes and all that stuff.  My idea of a party is like, "You can stick your beer in the fridge.  There are some cookies on the stove".  That's about it.  I had help with this one.  I am not one to ask for help ever, but I delegated on this.  I just blindly handed money over to people and trusted that they would do a good job.  Thanks guys!!!

Sarah's face when she said the word 'baby' and had to hand over all of her clothes pins.  The games were not my idea either.  Thank god for people who know what they are doing.  My baby shower will be like "who can get drunker the fastest??!!!" and I will be the winner.  Just kidding.  Maybe.

I think she had a good time.  They got some pretty good stuff.  On top of the Converse I also got them a Star Trek onesie ( I am on the hunt for some onesie pjs at the moment, for myself), a mustache soother (hilarious!), a dude diaper bag, and a few other adorable things.  He will be spoiled, and very very loved.

Thanks for knocking her up Rob!! And thank you Jess for carrying my very first nephew. I love you both and I can't wait to meet the little guy. Enjoy your last two months of sleep and quiet!! xoxox

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