by - October 23, 2012

This past weekend I took my sister to London, Ontario to party at one of our favorite bars for her birthday.  The bar is called Downtown Kathy Brown's and it's such a strange mix of people...which makes for a crazy time when we go.

Since it was her big day, I wanted her to have a lot of fun.  You only turn 20-17 once and I wanted to make it a good one! So I got us a hotel room and peaced out of Toronto for the night.  So I dressed in my favorite Kristen Stewart outfit (for the record, I was here first and have dressed this way forever) and we set sail for London town.

Oh Dave.  Saying goodbye to this guy is always shitty.  Even for one night.

It was another one of those gorgeous Fall rainy days that I love so much.  Not if I have to be outside in it like today.  Sitting at work soaking wet is not my idea of a good time.  But anyway, I love these kinds of days.  They make me feel like sitting down and having a good reflect session.. 

Seriously the colors are so pretty right now.

This guy was texting and driving.  Not only is that DANGEROUS, what if he let go of his phone?  I would be devastated.

Okay okay enough of the stupid nature pics.

We stopped in Brantford for lunch.  It's a two hour drive to London and since I had eaten breakfast an hour before that, it was time to eat again.  I am like an incinerator sometimes.  You can't feed me enough. I hate to admit it because I NEVER do this, but this was my second time eating McDonald's that day.  Once at 3AM and then again for lunch.  No wonder I felt like shit for the rest of the day.

In a change room, taking pictures of my own outfit.  Not even one that I tried on.  Cool Katherine!

Our digs.  At this point I was so tired I was ready for bed times. My plan of attack was to just drink a lot and wake the eff up. It was 4PM at that point though, I knew if I started then it would have been lights out by 10.

I love hotels so much.  I love how luxurious they feel (we got valet!), I love how tacky they can be, and I love the anonymity that hotels allow.  Not that I am sneaking around being a bad girl or anything, but it's nice to be somewhere where no one knows you, in a big comfy bed, in a different city. All that was missing was a lounge and my friend Shaun playing a tune. Dinner in the hotel bar with the hockey game on t.v was pretty good too though.

Heading back up to start getting ready for the night!

Stay tuned!

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