by - October 26, 2012

Ok so where were we? Ah yes. I decided to go back to my roots and dress how I did when I was 15. You know, like a boy. Why not right? You only live once. Or in this case, twice. 

I bought guys' jeans.  Levi's.  Ahhh brings me back.  It was like slipping into an old pair of something wonderful! I miss long crotch jeans!  501's too, you just can't go wrong.

This is where I started getting really tired.  My sister wanted to take a shower before we went out (even though she took one that morning?)...I was like, we are going dancing, why the hell would you shower? I guess that's why she is the princess and I am not (I mean that in the nicest way possible). Although I think that much upkeep would just be exhausting.

Anyway, back to moi, I was lying here eating popcorn and having a drink and then I passed out.  It was like WOOO PARTY TIMES! ZZZZZZZZ.  I am telling you, exhausted isn't even the word I can use to describe it.  I was like one step away from death that night, that's how tired I was.

I took those two pictures above and then was done.

But wait! Then it was time to go eat again...my favorite time!  I took Krista to the hotel lounge bar where we dined on non-existent morsels that cost an arm and a leg.  Do I sound like I am complaining? I'm not.  It's always an experience and fun times in this head when it comes to stuff like this, so it was all good.  I WAS pretty hungry though, and this meal did not suffice.  And it was time to lay off the sweet drinks, I was feeling ralph-y from all the sugar I had consumed.

I DO MIND IF YOU JOIN ME! Just kidding! The more the merrier.

What a cute little birthday girl! How does it feel to be REEEAAALLY close to 40? I'm almost there myself, I can say these things.

See? I was NOT lying to you when I said my dinner was bite size.  It was like Honey I shrunk the Kids only with my food.  Sigh. Note to self, don't expect all restaurant appetizers to be huge.  I know you have gotten by on this before, but it isn't always the truth.  Even if they do charge the same prices for small and large.

Krista was perfectly satisfied with hers.  Why do I have to be the vacuum cleaner when it comes to food?

At the bar, waiting for the good music to start.  Scoping everyone out.  Bars are so funny like that.  Before the night is in full swing and people are feeling out the vibe, everyone has to look at each other and size each other up. It's hilarious.  This isn't the Jets and the Sharks, we don't need to have a dance off here! Let's all dance together.

These ladies were brave.  First ones out there! The only reason we weren't was because we weren't there yet!

I'm so glad this guy was here again.  Back in April, when my sister and I came here for the first time (this time past was our second), this Kenny G. wannabe TORE IT UP.  Seriously, I was in love with his I-don't-give-a-care attitude.  He was so into the music that he took his flowing locks out and unbuttoned his shirt.  Classic.  I was hoping he would be there again and he was! I heart you Kenny G. guy!

Oh the boys were vultures looking for some fresh meat on this night.  Chill out dudes!

This guy was one of the worst.  You act like that and you get on my blog! As a Hall of Shame-er!  This guy's buddy was so hammered (and I am pretty sure he was 19), and he kept trying to grind dance with us. When that shit happens I am like a puff of smoke.  Gone.  Someone else take one for the team because I don't want to.  Krista and I kept taking off and I swear he had a tracking device on us.  Not two minutes later he had spotted us and was awkwardly, eyes half open, dancing his way over to us. *shudder*  And what's with you dudes anyway? When we diss you you move on to the group of girls beside us, loving them up like you tried to do with us TWO SECONDS AGO.  If I was those other girls I would be insulted. Or have I just been out of the game for too long? Who am I kidding? I was never in the game. That shit never worked on me.

Finally.  Enjoying the silence.  I was done at like, 12:30AM and we left the bar at 1:45AM.  Sorry sister.  Your younger sister is older than you.  That's not true at all, I always stay up WAY later.  I do!

The next day was a glorious day.

We forgot to put out our 'Do not disturb' sign.  So at 8:30 in the morning there is a loud banging on our door and someone screaming HOUSEKEEPING! I stumbled out of bed, crazy hair, pajamas twisted, and stumbled to the door with one arm raised to the sky yelling "UHHHHH! NOOOOO!". The girl wasn't very nice about it either, even though I mumble apologized and shut the door before she could see how crazy my hair really was.  Scary!

I ate every last bit of this freaking breakfast.  I was starving.  Surprising.

We ate with these two jerks, my bro and his beautiful wife. Love you guys! Nice face Kristopher!

And that was our adventures in I Like Your Shoes ville.  Oh yeah, I guess I didn't explain the story behind that did I?


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