No Junk Food Challenge: Days 28 & 29

by - October 03, 2012

Only today and tomorrow and then this challenge is OVAH! That is as much of a smile that I could muster up for you because I woke up on the wrong side of life this morning.  And I buttoned my shirt wrong when I rolled out of bed so that one side was longer than the other and therefore I angrily tugged at it all morning wondering why it was so annoying.  Until I realized.

We went back to Stockyards for a burger last night.  I know burgers are junk food and I DON'T CARE.  Take THAT challenge! I also had a root beer, soooo....My week has sucked okay? I need something people.  It could have been worse.  Indigo, the challenge is over.  Eat a pizza!

I was pretty moody yesterday (surprising).  Poor Dave had to listen to me be all negative. Afterwards I apologized and said that I was sorry he has to listen to me be like that sometimes.  And he was like, "It's ok, I just ignore it" and then that hurled me down another rage spiral.  Which was only a flash in the pan as there were other, more urgent annoying things to gripe about.

We had to wait a few minutes to be seated and I am telling you, I was a ball of hunger, anger and madness last night.  Not fun.  I had a case of the hangrys (hungry plus angry) and for some reason all the people eating there last night (and even some of the staff) were all WAY too cool for school and it was infuriating me even more.  

Good lord but the burgers are good.  Like, so good I can forgive the vibe of the place.  Perfectly cooked and delicious and I could probably eat two that's how good they are.  Not fair that they are not good for you (ESPECIALLY these ones).  Whatever, I am over it.  I will just run extra hard tonight.  Or hey, an even better idea, NOT AT ALL!

The moon was a horror movie cliche last night, what with it being full and clouds blowing across it and it being October and shit.  It was pretty cool, I like the moon a lot.  Probably why I (and everyone else) has been so effing crazy up in here. If a full moon is going to give us all the mind of a snarling, blinded-by-rage animal it might as well just go all the way and turn us into complete werewolves.  I bet a lot of scores would be settled then.  Fairly.

This was yesterday:

This is today.


One and a half days left.  Even though I ate garbage last night, it's still not over.  Why do I care at this point? Well, I don't.  But I am stubborn and will see it through.

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