Pumpkins and Spice and Everything Nice

by - October 02, 2012

I love the Fall.  Almost as much as I love Winter. There are just so many nice things about it, like:

-hot chocolate and whiskey
-long walks and crunching leaves
-snuggling under blankets because your apartment is TOO COLD!
-crock pots
-Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate from Starbucks
-and October is horror movie month!

I started a tradition last year where Dave and I dedicate October to watching all types of horror movies.  Old, new, foreign, already loved...you name it (I also do this in December with Christmas/ winter type movies).  We make a list leading into the month of October and on days when we want to throw on a movie, we choose from the list and do just that! I usually make some sort of baked good to enjoy, or buy some beer/ wine, and we get under a blanket and get scared silly (sometimes. Also, sounds kind of pervy).

I love the Fall as well for the fact that here in Canada, it absolutely essential to pack on a few extra pounds in preparation for the upcoming Winter.  No one worries about it because once Summer hits and it is hotter than the tropics, nobody wants to eat a single thing anyway and all that weight goes bye-bye.  So we are able to indulge a little bit more in the colder months with no guilt.  We are like bears in the sense that we eat and eat for a month or two (they do it for much longer I know), and then once the first snow hits, you never see us unless we are venturing out to go to work, etc.  At least that's how I am in the winter months...I tend to hibernate a bit more.  Every one I know does, and it's acceptable.  No one gets mad for bailing a thousand times on going out because hey! IT'S WINTER!

I also love our tradition (also started last year) of going to Downey's Farm for the best Fall treats and awesomeness ever.  Jeez...why are we so late to start traditions with each other? We have been together for almost 8 years! Last year was our first Christmas together too (we usually spend it at our respective parents' houses and therefore don't see each other on Christmas day, except for dinner).  We are weird.  Anyway, Downey's has amazing things like PooPoo Paper made from recycled moose poo.  Awesome! No for real though, they have homemade pies and delicious wine and fudge and honey and fresh veggies and apples and PUMPKIN DONUTS SIIIGGGHHHH.  It's always pretty amazing when we go, we could hang out there for hours.  We still need to pay a visit once at night near Halloween when they arm you with donuts and hot chocolate and send you through a corn maze.  How freaking fun would that be?? Gah! Love that place. Read last year's visit to Downey's here and here.  I have changed so much in a year.  Wow.

And then we have our Blair Witch cat.  She does this a lot.  I think when it gets colder all she wants is to cuddle with someone in bed, so she hangs around where the people are, begging with her eyes to just get into a damn bed with her, someone, and she ends up half falling asleep gazing into a corner or at nothing in particular.  I have named her, Mikah, the Blair Witch cat, and she blair witches all over the place.

What do you love about the Fall? 

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