The Aftermath

by - October 30, 2012

Well, we weathered the storm.  Toronto did not get anywhere near the damage that parts of the States did, but there was a casualty...right down the street from where I live. A woman got hit by a Staples sign and died. So awful. 

Other than that horrible news, Toronto suffered some minor damage: huge trees blew over, some flooding of streets, a few crushed cars and what seemed like a whole lot of fires breaking out as a result of Hurricane Sandy.  In my neighborhood tons of people are without power (thankfully not us) and they may not get it back until Thursday.  

Last night Dave and I ran home and were happy to be inside.  The winds were starting to get pretty powerful, so it was a relief to be sheltered by the storm.  We ate a good dinner and curled up on the couch under blankets and watched our shows until we went to bed.  It was almost like we were in our own little protective cocoon, as we barely heard the craziness that was going on outside.  Our electricity flickered briefly and then stayed on strong.  A wood chipper was patrolling the neighborhoods pretty late and must have found something big on our street, but that was it for us.  If only everyone else was so lucky.

It was good to be warm and safe.  Our cats were being particularly cute last night and they all wanted to cuddle extra hard.  They were also extra spazzy assholes too, but I assume they were being weird because of the storm so I forgave them.

I mean come on.  Could you be mad at that?

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