500 What??!!!!

by - November 19, 2012

This past weekend was a busy one. Kind of non-stop, which I can either not mind or hate. This time I didn't mind it that much, kept my mind off of other things that are going on right now.

Like Dave's porn 'stache.  It's a good one no? Whenever I see it I just want to rip my clothes off and fling my underwear at him. I don't really, but I don't blame anyone who does.  In fact, I would pay to see that.

She was like, "don't leave" *eyes getting bigger and bigger*.  When really she can't wait for us to be gone so she can torment the shit out of the other cats.  We come home and there are huge tufts of fur everywhere and she looks at us as if she is an angel saying "What?" *blink blink*

My sister picked me up from work on Friday night to drive the two hours to my folks' house.  Only it took three because the traffic was so bad.  Eff you traffic! I don't mind it so much because I am just the passenger, but I do mind the frequency and intensity that my sister spazzes out about it. One would think that she was in Hell, it's so bad.  I know I am!

See? All is good.  No need to freak out, you freak out.

But oh my god #@$%&^%%$ didn't I blow a gasket when we finally got there and I saw this?  My mother is insane (in the best way!).  Now you all know where I get it from.  I haven't even started yet, I have been holding off.  Screw that! Christmas time has arrived in Kato land!

My father looks like he is miserable all the time.  That's because he is.  But his beard is squeal worthy...not only because it reminds me of how he looked when I was a kid, but it just looks good on him.  Beards are the best.

Finally, time to relax.  It had been a long day.

Oh but what is this?? Back on the road so soon?  My sister forgot her passport back in Toronto.  So we got in the car and drove back, and then again back to my parent's.  We were in the car for almost 7 hours that night.  It's ok, it was an adventure, and hey, shit happens.

I was delirious at this point from exhaustion...I can only imagine how tired my sister was.

After a short nap, we got up early on Saturday morning to go the States.

My sister and I needed winter jackets.  I needed boots.  We all needed to be in a car together for another 8 hours, running around all over the place, on very little sleep.  Yeah...good times.

I think about how many people commit suicide by going over the Falls every time we drive by...I know, morbid much?  But dang, those people mean business by doing that.  So ballsy/ insane.  

We were all still pretty good at this point. Except for the complaining about the temperature of the car.  One of us was hot, another was cold, and it kept switching every 3 seconds so it was a constant tornado of words and whining and OH MY GOD EVERYONE SHUT UP!  Is your family like this too?


I find Niagara Falls, NY fascinating.  Every second house is boarded up.  Just like that. Can you leave your house if you can't afford it anymore? How does it work in America? I don't know if it works the same way over here.  I am honestly curious.  I know here, you might be able to leave the house, but the debt stays with you unless you sell it.  Or the bank forecloses on it.  But you still have to pay the bank.  I think?  Someone set me straight here.

There is always a silver lining to everything.

We ended up in not the friendliest of neighborhoods in Buffalo.  I thought that this constituted as street art.

God! If you are going to be scared of anything in that neighborhood, be scared of this guy!

I found an AWESOME winter jacket though.  So the crazy trip of crazy was a success.  I saved $120 on this jacket...which pleases me immensely.  Why the HELL would I shop in Canada ever again when I can get stuff this cheap over the border? Although, if I were Americans, I would HATE my Canadian cousins for coming over there and causing the amount of traffic and all the other bullshit we must cause while we are over there buying everything up.  I apologize to all of you for that.  I only buy a few things, and try to be as polite as I can be! 

These boots too...saved $70.  Weehoo! Practical and cute! My favorite combo.

And then it was time to chill out before hitting the sack, which was not long after we got home I have to say. We were all super tired for our own various reasons.

Sunday funday.

She is so adorable.  Spazzy, but adorable.  Right after this picture she bit my face off in excitement.  I think she saw a leaf blow by outside and OMFG!! @##$#$#@

Watching the worst t.v movie EVER. EVER.  Which just so happened to showcase Jaleel White in a serious role.  Seriously BAD.  Sorry Urkel.  Who else was in love with him when he turned into Stefan?

Finally back with Dave in Toronto. Ahhh home.  I love my family more than anything, anyone, and I would die for them, but sometimes....

Sometimes your weekend needs to end with some Kenzo.  The only thing that is comforting and good. We both look pretty done.  Because we were.

This, and then a long walk, and a slice of pie were everything that I needed to relax after a long and crazy weekend.

Happy Monday everyone!  Tell the person beside you how much you love them! 

Unless you really can't stand them.  Just keep your gamma ray thoughts to yourself in that case.

P.S-this is my 500th post.

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