Dare I Say It...

by - November 04, 2012

I think it might snow soon. I know I know, by putting it out there I am asking the universe to make it snow. That's the point. I love snow. Dave and I went grocery shopping on Friday night and it was spitting when we started out.  But THEN...when we were driving towards the grocery store it started snowing! For real snow for a full 10 seconds!! I didn't have anything on me to film it, plus I wouldn't have been fast enough, but Snow Watch 2012 is ON!!  My eye is on the sky people!

We decided to go out for some breakfast this morning.  I needed to take a picture of this scene because I would be placing myself right back into it in a horizontal position as soon as we got home.

It felt like -7C (19F) here last night.  I opened a window to smell the air and it smelled like snow.  Do you know what I'm talking about? If you don't, make sure to breath in deep when it snows the first time wherever you are (if you get snow). It's a wonderful smell...you won't forget it.

Why Dave, your face looks a bit weird this morning.

It was cold.  I was doing my whining, sounds like I'm taking a poop noise that I am known for.  I only do it in the beginning until I get used to the cold.  Takes me a week or two to adjust.

My favorite crack house in the entire city! West side represent!

Hey Suck at Life Crew...your name kind of sucks!

Whoa.  That's pretty.

Private table in the back what what. Not really.

The lattes at Cool Hand look like chocolate milk shakes and taste even better.

Ah yes, Starbucks.  This excites me.  Shoot me for being excited for Christmas.  I don't understand people who get so freaking bent out of shape about it starting so early.  I went to a Shoppers Drug Mart a few days ago and they were playing Christmas music.  The very next day I read a Facebook post that said that so many people had complained about the music that they weren't going to play it anymore.  WTF people? It enraged you THAT much that you had to complain about it? Wow. The only valid reason I read by a commenter was that it was taking away from Remembrance Day.  I get that, I understand. But all this other garbage about capitalism and forcing people to spend their money/ commercial holiday blah blah...give me a break.  It doesn't have to be that way if you don't let it.  I don't let it.

Some people get depressed around the holidays.  That's another reason to not like it either.  But don't ruin it for everyone else. P.S- Christmas cups! I sure hope that the people who complained about the music in Shoppers don't buy their coffee from Starbucks. I hope that they protest every single sign of early Christmas and commercialism that they come across, otherwise they are being picky and choose-y, and I HATE that.  Please, protest every single little thing that annoys you about the holiday season and how it starts too early, people like me love watching you. It's like a scene from Grumpy Old Men...it's cute, you look cute when you act that way. Cantankerous people are adorable.

Ahem, pardon the rant....the cake pops are really good though. Especially this one, it tastes like a chocolate candy cane.

This is the most sexual and therefore disturbing picture of me ever. 

It WAS a pretty sexual experience though.

My cake pop fell apart and fell on the ground. There goes $14 right there. Dave got all nervous about chocolate lying on the ground (dogs might eat it) and he went back and retrieved it. Isn't he a hero to animals everywhere? He is my hero too.  

Yup, that's my 'special' Dave. Also, Rudolph is in the hizzouse!! Get used to it, it's what my nose looks like all winter.

And then we came home to this wonderful goodness.  This is the best present we have ever received...a space heater that looks like it has real fire and even crackles like real fire too! (If you want it to, which I don't, ever.  It sounds like a really obnoxious game of pool).  

I will be spending most of the winter spread out on this rug, watching movies and playing video games. I am sure I will have to fight the cats for space.  They love it.

Did I mention I am excited for the holiday season?  I will let the Vets have their day, and I won't forget to wish my lovely American friends a Happy Thanksgiving (and any other special day that may fall in between), but the Christmas season is MY season...it's a shame that every year more and more people are hating it for the wrong reasons.

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