Hate To Do This To You But....

by - November 12, 2012

Christmas shit coming up. And some crazy faces from yours truly.  So if you don't want to see either, TAKE OFF EH???  But don't really.

This guy is taking part in Movember.  What hipster isn't?

It was a strange weekend for me.  I woke up on Saturday all moody and shit, and I HATE being that way. It makes me reflect on my life as it is in the present, and then I get depressed and it's just a downward spiral from there.  Not that I am complaining about my life per se, just certain aspects of it that I need to change but am stuck in a rut and therefore I am not moving forward.  I hate being stagnant.  A LOT. I also don't like my boobs in this picture, but what are you going to do?

I woke up on Sunday feeling the same way, but I smacked myself out of it.  And went for a long walk. 

The weather was perfect yesterday.  It felt like Spring after a long hard Winter.  And Winter hasn't even happened yet.

Haha....we both had apple in our mouths.

Even though it was warm out, this walk made me happy because it looked like winter (the trees) and winter reminds me of Christmas.  And Christmas makes me stupidly happy with excitement.

Kind of like that crazy face right there.

Oh look! I don't find early Christmas decorators annoying, I find them ahead of the curve.

Thank you Starbucks, for making such a delicious drink.  And charging me $4 for it.  For a small.  Oops sorry! A TAAAALLL la di da.

Haha.  Still have my tonsils SEEEEEE???

Oh lawdy here we go.  This is the moment when my mood went from bad attitude to feeling groovy.

It's the crazy Christmas lady, at your service! I promise to annoy you either to death, OR until you just join me in all the festive fun! It's better to just join me ok?

Oh hey there.  It's a sexy deer.  Making love to the camera.  I just barfed because I typed MAKING LOVE.

Dave even got all excited about this crap.  I told you, my happiness and Christmas cheer is infectious.  Don't worry Dave! We are going to have the best Christmas together ever this year! 

Now there really is a crazy face.  But it's a train! In the tree! That goes around!

I see the Kaka family resemblance. Looks a lot like my brother.

Tonight is going to be really cold again.  I imagine that was the last of the nice weather until Spring. It's ok, I like the winter...things need to die in order to come back again all beautiful and some other deep thought type stuff.

Happy Monday everyone!

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