Here We Come A-Wassailing

by - November 29, 2012

I just learned from Wikipedia that Wassailing means caroling.  Who knew right? Wikipedia.  And I'm sure Josh knew (go here...I promise you will get sucked in and never leave), because he is a bottomless pit of knowledge that guy.

Anyway, t'is the season to gain a gazillion pounds.  I'm kind of ok with it.  Want to know why? Because it's all in my head.  I mean yes, I tend to put on a few pounds during the winter months, but sometimes I think I am over-doing it to the extreme when I'm not.  What the hell Winter?  Why would you make the ONLY person on the planet who loves and cares about you, feel that way?  Maybe it's all the extra layers.

Or the baking.  All the baking! I decided to make my best friend's wedding cookies as a treat and boy were they ever delicious. She got married a year ago. Thankfully we didn't get sick or anything from these. Instead we died from the awesomeness.  Read the little card they attached to each jar of cookies, so cute.  

What's with the holiday season and wanting to bake? I never bake, but once it starts getting colder, that's all I want to do.  Like a mama bear, fattening up myself and my loved ones.

Home sweet home. It might not be super fancy or expensive, but it's ours, and it's special.  I especially like our genius way of putting up the stockings (by the fire of course).  Can't wait for them to come crashing down in the middle of the night once we start filling them.  

Blah, blerg.

And that's all she wrote folks. 

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