Let It Snow

by - November 27, 2012

This past weekend was just what Dave and I needed.  It had been a hard, emotionally exhausting week, and a little shutting out of the world was required. Pjs, video games, and some Bailey's were on the menu, and what a delicious menu it was.

Also, a long walk to Bloor West Village to exchange our modem to a better model. Don't let the sunshine fool you...it was COLD.  But it was beautiful, and brisk, and made me feel alive.

Can I just tell you how much I love this guy?  He held me up this week.  And always.

Haha.  Anyone home?

Fish tostadas from Cool Hand.  Honestly, the BEST food to ever find it's way into my mouth.  I can't even.  

P.S-do you like my awesome photo overlay thingy? YEAH.  That was sarcasm.  The reason why I am able to even utilize these tricks is because I ran out of space on blogger for my photos.  Who even knew that could HAPPEN?  Isn't the internet infinite?  Sigh, I guess not right.  But honestly, I was prompted to buy more space to host the storage of my photos.  The cheapest being $4.99/ month for 25GBs.  Ok, am I dumb??  Seriously tell me if I am, because what I am reading there is that I pay someone $4.99 a month for only 25GBS.  Not 25GBs a month.  Just 25GBs.  Do those monthly payments ever stop? Or am I paying someone 5 dollars a month for the rest of my life to store 25GBs worth of my photos?  I am paying an unlimited amount to something that is limited?

Anyway, since I refuse to pay for that crap, it was either blog goes bye bye, or I figure out another way.  The other way was Photobucket.  Which I spent a good 500 hours trying to figure out how to move photos around in an album.  They tell you how to move them from one album to another, how to move them up your own ass even, but not how to move them WITHIN the album. Customer support better answer me, or Flickr it is.  In the meantime, you get these stupid photo 'enhancements'.  Do you feel like your life has improved?  I do  0_o

Uh oh!! That's a felony or something isn't it?

Oh that's why.  It's the maximum security prison for highly dangerous sex offenders right around the corner from my house.  Hi guys! I always say, if they bust out, they won't hang around the area....RIGHT?

Red noses and cold toes-es are a sign of the season.  Yup, I said toes-es.  I should be thrown in that jail shouldn't I?  Throw away the key.

The baby Jesus is coming to visit here soon!!! That's what happens at Christmas time right? Just kidding I know what happens.  I was forced to go to Catholic school my whole life.  Where we had to kneel on the ground and if our quilts didn't touch....30 lashes for you! Just kidding again, that was just Friday night at my house.

Fall is on it's way out and things are dull and lifeless.  Still not in the 'I-want-to-kill-myself' stages of deep winter, because the wonderful magic of the first snow and Christmas time goodness is coming, but then after that, FUHGEDDABOUDIT.

Love my new sexy beast of a jacket.

Get your 2012 Christmas card here!!! This was sooooo needed for my soul this weekend.  Video games (Uncharted 3, finally!), cats, and alcohol.  Oh, and my pants are fully undone under that cat.  I am a fat, sweaty man waiting to happen, I have always said it.

Hey there hipsters....uh, I mean, NO!! We are NOT the embodiment of hipsters, not ONE bit! #sarcasm

That's a nice one. Would I make the cover of Maxim?  *crickets*

And because it was cold, and home was cozy, and a hearty meal was needed to warm us up, I made my favorite dish that my dead grandmother used to make.  Not while she was dead mind you.  She never taught me how to make it, but I used to love watching her prepare it, because I knew a taste of the old country was coming my way, so I memorized it (it isn't hard).  

Here's hoping for some snow soon, because I'll be damned if we have another mild winter around here.  Do you hear that weather gods? I CHALLENGE THEE!!

This post is dumb.  You heard it here first.

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