by - December 29, 2012

I can't believe it. The day came and went and I survived. No I am not talking about the apocalypse, I am talking about my 33rd birthday.

I guess 33 isn't such a bad age to be. Although when I was young, at my most pivotal age, which for me was 11, thinking of living to see my thirties was crazy talk.  That was SO old. And for some reason the specific age of 33 was the one that stood out in my mind as being ancient. The age where you instantly ceased to be cool, when you became a geriatric almost overnight. Weird, I know.

Well Weather, you tried, I'll give you that...sigh.

Dave pretty much made my birthday awesome. He took me out for breakfast (it was more like lunch) at of course, our favorite breakfast place, Cool Hand, where I was able to enjoy my favorite dish ever on this entire planet, fish tostadas. Now that is a face of someone about to eat the best meal.

And in a strange twist of crazy, we seem to go to the Toronto Eaton Centre every year on my birthday, these past few years. They get more than a million visitors a WEEK and I am betting that this triples around the holidays. So you have an idea of the crazy.

But it is so festive how can we not? Plus, Dave always has to finish up his Christmas shopping. This year they changed their Christmas tree from the one they normally have. They usually have a giant Swarovski tree (which is so pretty...you can see a picture I took of it here), but this year they changed it up to the one below. A lot of people hate it...I like it.

See? It's pretty neat.

I was banished to the topmost floor of the mall where they have no real stores, because Dave had to finish his Christmas shopping for me. I didn't mind this as I can't be around that many people for very long, or I will go insane. Kato becomes the Hulk and wants to smash.

So I sat up here, enjoyed the view, and played Breakout on my phone for a little while.

And then when I got bored of that, I stared at the ceiling. Also at the couple sitting three feet away who almost had sex right there in front of me. Cool. A birthday show just for me. Of course I am going to stare, that's what they want right? Just being polite.

After Dave finished his shopping, we stopped in at the restaurant that was right there for a glass of wine and an appetizer. And I got carded woohoo!!! Thank you to the girl who needs glasses, I love you! I gladly gave her my I.D and she laughed out loud and said "Wow! I can see why you had no problems handing this over to me!". Again, I love you. A lot.


It was freezing. 

Sometimes I love being downtown. Not often, but sometimes.

We walked over to Kenzo for dinner, which I have mentioned a ridiculous amount of times on this blog. The fake smile does not belie my true feelings at the moment. I was happy. Worried about my dad, but happy.

It really doesn't get any better than that. Imitation crab and everything. That IS what that swirly thing is, right guys? *crickets*

There is honestly something wrong with my face. Cool smile loser. Also, get some sleep!

The face of a 33-year-old. I am 33-years-old. Damn.

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