A Beautiful (Almost) Christmas Miracle

by - December 28, 2012

So, so happy to be out of those stockings and heels. This is more like it: woolies and leggings...it's like being in pajamas that are acceptable to go outside in!

And outside we were headed, to meet my best friend's baby, Jackson, for the first time. To say that I was excited was an understatement. I had been waiting for what felt like eons to finally meet him, and after what Jess went through to get him here (40 hours of labour, mon dieu), I couldn't wait to see her either, and know that she was doing alright. The poor girl had been put through the ringer, but damn if she isn't the strongest person I know. I strive to have her courage and dignity, I really do.

Now how did that get in there? #cutecatpic

We were both still kind of hurting from the Ubisoft Christmas party we attended two nights before. Yes, TWO nights previous. Ugh, we aren't getting any younger, that's for sure.


It was on the other side too! I thought it was a joke. Can someone please tell me what CACK SAUCE is?

It was a rainy, gloomy day.  Perfect for a long, contemplative drive out of the city.

I was in charge of the music. Which meant that we listened to some prrrretttyyyy, prettttty (channeling Larry David) cool shit.

And this was the moment I fell in love. He is just so perfect.

I am a proud aunt Kato, and I hope I live up to the title. It's a big order to be an aunt and I take my job seriously. I am even contemplating getting my license finally so that I can see him more. And if any of you know me at all, you know that is a HUGE deal in my world.

Ha! God I love Jessica. She essentially was like 'here you go', and handed her baby over to the guy who DOES NOT LIKE HOLDING BABIES. In a sisterhood of the travelling pants moment, I high-fived her in my head. And see Dave? He didn't shit, barf, make sounds, move, breathe or any of the other 'weird' things you think babies do all the time. I got barfed on though, and it made me proud :D #babylove #bonding

If this was a weird alternate reality and this was really our baby, I think this picture would sum up how it would really be.

I love you guys, and am so glad he is here.

To two of the best parents I know, you guys did an amazing thing. Thank you for bringing him into my world, but thank you more for allowing me to be a part of his.

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