A Title Escapes Me

by - December 05, 2012

I am challenging myself to write a post a day until the end of December. Well, maybe not on Christmas day, but you get my drift. Expect a lot of dry spells with some tumbleweeds because come on guys, who are we kidding?

Work has been ok.  Except for that pain between my shoulders that feels a lot like TENSION, things are cool. I am on vacation in 7 days, praise Jesus hallelujah. Shit went down hard at work today, in a good way. Some changes are taking place that are good, and I feel good about it. So that's all good. I said 'good' a lot there so you would believe me that it's good.

I have lost my emails twice in a week now, all of them gone, poof!Just nowhere to be found. Believe me, I know all the tricks and they are gone. And when I ran out of tricks I contacted our IT people and they couldn't figure it out either.  In fact, they told me to do all the tricks that I had already done. Tell me why I am not a computer nerd again? I could be making the big bucks, working with people who play WOW and Skyrim all day, learning about interesting places that pimples can grow. Just kidding. I fucking love nerds.  

2008, my old laptop set up.  Pretty cool right?

In other news, my best friend is having a baby next week. Want to know how excited I am about this? I am THIS excited. I am going to be an aunt!! An aunt Kato...it sounds good doesn't it? I love this kid so much already and he hasn't even been born yet. I never thought that would be possible but it is. I kind of know now how parents must feel about their own children before they are born. I mean, to the tiniest degree. Kids are pretty cool, don't you think?

2008, travelling through the UK, tired.

Christmas is right around the corner and I am excited for it. But first, MY BIRTHDAY. I know I tend to get lost amongst all the buying of presents and going to church once a year that occupies everyone's minds, but could we please take some time out and remember that I WAS BORN PEOPLE? Man, is that so much to ask? December 22...try to remember it. I bring the light back to this world with the days getting longer and all that fun stuff. Or, if you so choose to be paranoid by; the end of the world this year. Who's with me in going out in a blaze of glory??!!

The time some drunk bitch almost burned me alive with her dumb marshmallow that was on fire.

That was the best bruise ever. Made me feel like a man. I didn't cry when I got it or anything!!! Yay me. Anyway, this trip down memory lane has been stimulating. Time to go and not sleep for another night because I stay up way too late and do stupid things like play video games and write blog posts.

Night night awesome people!

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