Feliz Navidad!

by - December 30, 2012

Well this one's a bit late isn't it? I had a back log of shit to say, what do you want from me? JEEZ!!

So old man Winter tried to snow on Christmas morning...I suppose a light dusting is better than rain or just a gloomy day. So thanks for that! It was a Christmas miracle!

We were excited to wake up on Christmas morning.  So excited in fact, that I pretty much didn't sleep at all the entire night. So the first order of business was to make coffee. With Bailey's in it of course. What else is Christmas for besides being perfectly acceptable to drink at 8:30 in the morning? With some cheesy holiday music thrown in for good cheer.

Oh we went there. We turned on the fireplace channel and WE LOVED IT. 

In Dave's family, the stocking was always more fun than the real presents. I will have to remember that next year and not buy him lame underwear and some chocolates. He spoiled me with my stocking! Everything in it was gold man, gold!

Yes, we had a stocking for the cats, and I know for a fact they loved everything they got #spoiledrottenfurballs.

I did good on choosing that sweater and those jeans. Well, he picked the jeans out and I bought him the same sweater last year. The guy is a creature of habit, but hey, makes it easy for me to buy him articles of clothing. And look how happy he is, the simpleton! Just kidding Dave!

And then we headed to my parents for a great dinner and some family time. Of course it was special this time around because my dad was home from the hospital following his heart attack, and my brother's wife was also out of the hospital.  They were both a little worse for wear, but present and accounted for which was a huge relief.  I love my family. And I love my brother's in laws, who were also there for Christmas dinner...I wouldn't want it to be any other way.

The riffraff table. Speaking of riffraff, my brother had a big announcement to make at dinner: he and Sara are having a baby!!! I knew this, as did the rest of the immediate family, but my cousins and aunt and uncle didn't know. So it was even more cause for celebration. You should have heard the table of old folks erupt with glee, it was heart warming.

Sara got me for secret Santa, and she certainly picked out the best gift anyone could have ever given me. Onesie pajamas? C'MON!!! You want me to die of happiness over here?

And for my birthday, my brother and Sara got me a collectable Harry Potter wand which also caused some major nerdgasm's and high squeals from yours truly. What shall I do with this wand? How shall I display it? This is my first real piece of nerd paraphernalia  It might call for a glass case to display it and then I will truly have joined the ranks. I plan on watching all the movies again and using my wand to pretend like I am a part of it all.

Boxing Day, and we do it all over again at Dave's parents house. They were calling for a giant Boxing Day storm so I was nervous for us to leave his folks' at a decent time later on that night. All was quiet and clear at 11 in the morning.

Oh but there were clouds looming.

It's always exciting when you know a storm is coming. At least it is for me. All that anticipation and checking of weather reports/ maps, and then it finally hits! Fun times!

Except when you are stuck in the thick of it on your way home and you have an hour drive ahead of you. Gah. Nerve-racking. I am already nervous in cars when things are all good, so throw a big storm in there and I am essentially a wreck. Normal speed limits on the 400 series highways are 100 km/h. Everyone was driving 50km. It wasn't fun.

But we made it safe and sound. Once we dropped the car off (Zipcar) and were on our way home on foot, I was happy. Stupidly so, as per my awesome face. I was also pretty excited that it was snowing. I love snow!

Back to work tomorrow for a half day, and then it's New Years Eve! I am going out for dinner locally and then coming home to get into my onesie and drink champagne.  I have never been much of a partier on New Years. 

I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Years! See you in 2013!!

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