It's Beginning to Look A lot Like...Oh...It's Raining.

by - December 07, 2012

I love that 5 people voted that they secretly love me and want to marry me.  FIVE!! Well let's do it then guys and gals! We can go to Niagara Falls and have a big fun group wedding! I'm serious now.  

I walked down the 'Christmas street' on my way home last night and felt a little more Christmas-y in spite of not having any snow.  I am just going to have to get over it and accept the fact that we might not get any (again) this Winter.  Such a bummer.  Oh well, as long as it stops going from cold to warm and just stays cold, I will be happy enough with that.  The Weather Network is calling for 15cm of snow on the 21st (the day before my birthday! Weeee!), but I won't hold my breath for it.  I told my mom the other day that if Toronto winters were to continue being this way, I would have to move further North.  I NEED snow in the winter time!!! So tired of everyone whining about the snow in Canada!

I was feeling a bit down today so I bought myself some super cute, extra long leg warmers off of Ebay. These ones actually:

Go here to Buy
And another pair that I can't grab the image from.  Anyway, cute right? I wear leggings a lot and it's too effing cold to wear them in the winter, so hey hey, I used my brain and voila.

I am finally kicking my ass back on track with my diet.  Not that I am on a diet, but I try to pay attention to what I eat most of the time.  I allow myself to indulge of course, but for the past two months it has been STUPID the amount of shit I have shoveled into my body. And I have been feeling like crap about it, mentally and physically.  So, I have kick started my gears back into eating healthy (mostly) and going back to allowing myself a treat every once in a while instead of every stinking day.  Although, my mom called me last night and asked me what kind of cheesecake I wanted her to make me for my birthday and I turned it down.  GAAAHHHHH!!! My mom's cheesecake is the BEST, so I might have to tell her to make me a mini one...otherwise I will eat it all and be unhappy about it.  

This weekend is about relaxing, drinking tea in front of the 'fireplace' (space heater), Christmas lights and yummy breakfasts.  

What are your plans for the weekend?

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