There Have Been Some Changes Round Here

by - December 04, 2012

I decided that my blog needed a little updating. What do you guys think? Do you love it, hate it, hate change?

I would like all of you to keep in mind that your answers will not sway me to change my blog back...I have already spent WAY too many hours screwing around with HTML to actually care about your opinions. Just kidding, I love you. Especially you who picked the last option, that I am noticing is not even lined up. Sigh....

So now that this blog has become a shit tonne of WORK all of a sudden, what with the HTMLing and uploading all over the place re-sizing of photos because Picasa decided I used up all my space (a-holes), I decided to actually try and make some money off of this thing and put up some ad space on my blog.  Up until right now I have used Google Adsense, and do you want to know how much money I have made in the four years I have had this blog?  $17.  I know that's nothing to scoff at right? Except they don't pay you until you get to $100.  So yeah, I'd see a payout in 200 years or so. I know I know, I don't put in enough effort to get visitors and all that stuff, but that has now changed.  Behold, new people who I love, my sidebar, where I have now linked to every single place on the planet that you can find me and follow me...and hey...I follow back!

How could you not want to stick around and follow the adventures of these two? It's electrifying! Will they make out in front of the fire finally, or just bite each other's eyelashes off in a passive agressive bid to be leader of the pack? Stay tuned...

Now here is a lady I would love to make out with. Last weekend was some sort of Santa love fest here in the Junction, of which I had no previous knowledge, but it was neat to discover. This wonderful Ms. Claus was reading a children's story to the kiddies outside, with a pane of glass between them. It was very intimate and lovely.

There was a street vendor selling roasted chestnuts. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Sometimes this place is the bees knees you know? It makes me long for a simpler life.  

WHERE'S THE SNOW? You have no idea how enraged I am right now that we haven't had any snow. I am the Hulk, smashing everything in sight.  

Sunday was a dress-as-if-you-love-the ladies kind of day. Which I do, love the ladies I mean. Just not in a crotch and boob kind of way. University was a time of exploration....which I didn't do, despite being surrounded by some lovely lesbians who kindly offered to take my lez virginity. I just couldn't do it. You either like the bearded clam, or you don't.

Despite what this picture screams, I assure you, I don't. My hair likes the fur burger though, oh yes it does. What HAPPENED THERE?

I'm not really sure when this post went south (god I slay me!), but let's just end it with my first photo in the Christmas (or holiday, calm down) Instagram challenge, titled, It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas (or holiday festivities!). Except it's not. It was 12C here today. Dumb.

I can safely say that this is the ugliest picture I have ever taken. I feel like I should win a monetary prize.

Well, that's it for me folks, I have a giant bottle of Bailey's over here calling my name, beckoning me to get fat. And I just might give in.

Have a great Tuesday night!

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