Ubisoft Christmas 2012

by - December 27, 2012

Dave's work Christmas party was two weeks ago and damn it was a doozy. Seriously. I'm only half joking when I say I am still recuperating from it.

Ubisoft really does know how to do it right.

The theme of the party was Naughty or Nice. Want to take a guess what I dressed as?

Yup.  I was naughty. Duh.  Of course Dave was nice. That is the whole dynamic of our relationship right there.

We had no idea what to expect since this was our first Ubisoft Christmas party together, but it definitely DID NOT disappoint. Especially because it was open bar. UGH. I can't even utter those words without wanting to barf. Open bar is awesome, and open bar is THE DEVIL. I HATE open bar! No, I love it!

Decorations for the 'nice' theme. They had a white cotton candy machine set up, a space where you took photos with a half naked (?) man angel and a Mrs. Claus, and they had a 'nice' cocktail which I didn't get the pleasure of trying because I stuck to beer and shots of Jack. FML. Why can't I be more like a girl and drink dainty drinks that only pretend to have alcohol in them? You can throw a dress on me and take me out, but you are really taking out Homer Simpson. Have fun with that.

People were walking around with trays of appetizers and finger foods, but nothing really substantial. Hence why I got so drunk I think.  Or it could have been the amount I drank, who knows? All I know is that I am too old to party like that. I like being healthy(ish) and eating properly and getting enough sleep. It was still fun though, and every once in a while it's fun to party as the 15-year-old you once were.

The scene of the dance party (later on). Dave even danced his butt off.  I did too, in my stockinged feet, which were soaked from walking in many different rivers of unidentifiable liquids. Drunk people are disgusting (meaning me). All decorum just goes out the window and you stop giving a shit what you are walking in? No. That is just gross and wrong. And fun!!

Naughty theme represent! They had a photo area with a bad santa and a dominatrix in a skin tight leather bodysuit. It was pretty intense as they posed you in some pretty questionable ways (think: legs a little too far open in a dress, sitting on stranger's laps, making the kinds of faces your mother would disapprove of). Oh that's a regular Friday night for you? Well than you would have loved it. I wasn't full of the liquid courage before they ended that little ditty for the night.

Hey there lurker.

Dave and Mike. That guy is awesome. Thank you to the both of you for allowing me to drape myself on you all night once I got a little wobbly.  I hadn't found my sea legs yet. Actually, I never did.

Stupid sexy shoes. Stupid. You can't walk in sexy Katherine!

Oh right there was gambling. I was more interested in the couches. Which is where I sat for an hour.

We are all pretty far gone at this point. What a bunch of dumb drunks (we are awesome!).

Thank you Ubisoft for an awesome party! I can't wait to see what you come up with next year!

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