2012: A Year in Photographs

by - January 01, 2013

Shit these things take me an entire day (sometimes a few) to put together. It better be appreciated. Just kidding! I have been doing these photo slideshows since 2009, and it's always neat to go back and see all the things I did or thought were cool that year.

Here was my 2012, in a nutshell:

-I sliced my finger open on a can of soup. Yes, I needed to include this to show that I am a tough bitch because I didn't even cry. So there's that.
-Mine and Dave's 7 year anniversary. We went for high tea at the King Eddie.
-Sara's (sister-in-law) bachelorette in London. Downtown Kathy Brown's is the best bar EVER.
-My brother's wedding!
-My amazing friends and our awesome adventures.
-Summertime and the beach. Also, lots of ice cream. LOTS.
-Bad Religion, best concert of the year.
-Dance party in my parent's backyard.
-My dad's quadruple bypass.
-Our first canoe adventure on the Grand River.
-Mine and Krista's (sister) many, many abandoned house expeditions.
-My daddy healing up nicely!
-Favourite restaurant of 2012: Kenzo
-Arcade games and fun at Playdium.
-A visit to the Beaches in the East end of Toronto.
-Dave got the job at Ubisoft :D
-Jessi got pregnant, I threw her a baby shower, and she gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy, Jackson. All in 2012! You were a busy girl Jess!
-Krista's 37th birthday at Downtown Kathy Brown's.
-NO THE ULTRASOUND PHOTO IS NOT MINE! My brother and Sara are pregnant! So excited!
-The many trips to visit my parents, and our U.S shopping sprees.
-My 33rd birthday!
-Holiday fun.
-Ubisoft Christmas party.
-Our first Christmas together as a family (only took 7 years!)
-New Year's Eve dinner at Vesuvio's.

Song is Neutral Milk Hotel; In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

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I hope you enjoyed it! What do you do to commemorate your year?

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