Happy Baby Pose?

by - January 03, 2013

I have been dealing with a sick boyfriend around these parts. For those of you who have dealt with a sick boyfriend, you know that most boyfriends turn into big babies who want their mothers. Like that hilarious NyQuil commercial. Want to know why it's funny? Because it's true. All women around the world saw that commercial and nodded knowingly and glanced over at another sista and high-fived her. Maybe even snapped their fingers in a Z formation at each other. MMMM-HHMMM!

Want to know what has been making me laugh to myself for days? A yoga pose called Happy Baby pose. Never witnessed this for yourself? Well you are in luck:


I mean, what the hell is THAT?  This is the scenario in my head making me laugh: a young, attractive woman goes to a yoga class hoping to pick up some flexible man meat. Now, anyone who goes to a yoga class to pick someone up is probably not taking yoga very seriously and therefore may not know that this is the type of position one may find themselves in while attending said class. Good luck with looking sexy in that pose. For real. I'm also pretty sure that the most attractive man quickly loses their appeal while in this pose. I mean, I know I wouldn't want to eff someone after seeing them like this.

Also, this:

If only we could all be that happy.

Have a great Thursday night!

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