My Life in the Past Two Weeks

by - January 05, 2013

My evening tonight. Except not really. I did drink the beer, but I didn't read a word of my book, nor did I fire up the Playstation. Sometimes the best laid plans right? Instead I plopped my fat ass down on the couch and watched a movie about Mike Tyson. Cool.

I have though, been playing a whole heck of a lot of Red Dead Redemption. For those of you who don't know, this is a HUGE game. A vast awesome world that I am loving getting lost in. The only other game that was like this for me was GTA 4. Loved that game.

I had an epiphany about kale. I EFFING HATE IT. Sure it's all good for you and all that bullshit, but you know what? It tastes like a homeless person's ass. And anyone who tries to tell me that they 'love' it, I know you are lying not only to me, but to yourself too. Because it tastes like a dirty diaper.

But if you eat it like this it's ok. God how many hours did I spend eating like this as a child? #stillachild

She really wanted my collectible Harry Potter wand. I MEAN, WHO WOULDN'T?? Expelliarmus!

I got beautiful flowers from Dave's mom for my birthday. Thanks ma!!

We got a lot of freaking snow. Which this girl is NOT complaining about. In fact, I might punch you in the face if you do.

Homemade chicken and rice soup for that sick boyfriend baby I was telling you about. He is now in the constant whining phase so it's safe to say he is pretty much feeling fine. Plus breakfast and some apples. My life is SOOOOO INTERESTING!

I didn't feel like sriracha on my eggs this morning, I wanted effing Frank's. Only we don't have regular Frank's, we only have Buffalo Wing Franks. It was still really, really good though. Buffalo wing scrambled eggs. Try it. Thank me with gifts or money.

Dave got a pretty cool gift from work. He got this mug that is all magic and shit. Watch!

Happy Saturday night fockers!

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