Resolutions Are A Great Idea

by - January 10, 2013

Why not right? You start out strong and if it sticks, sweet! If not, you pretend like you never uttered that you would lose those 10 extra pounds, or that you would never again go eat the entire box of candy (I make and break THAT resolution at least once a week).

So that's why I think resolutions should be made to help better yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically, if you wish for that one too. And I also don't believe in feeling bad if I don't achieve something. So maybe I am already setting myself up for failure by only half-assing everything? Who knows. Who cares! Apathy at it's finest.

So this year I have included a plethora of different resolutions, OR, things-I-would-like-to-try-but-can't-make-any-promises-about.  Let's see how well I do!

1.  Start running to get into better shape. I have been itching to run. All my other exercise has become boring and I am up for a challenge.

2.  Whiten my teeth. You laugh. It's ok. But I was going to get it done and was told that because I have         permanent retainers (yup, I'm a nerd) that whitening would ruin them. So it's a hunt to find a product or whatever that can whiten these tusks.

3.  Read a book a month. I am already failing at this endeavour, but I WILL do it.

4.  Finish The Artist's Way. This one might be tough. 

5.  Finish my anxiety book. I have anxiety sometimes ok? I am trying to better myself MENTALLY SHUT UP.

6.  Get my OSAP (student loan) down to $10,000. I have to put around $7000 into this one to succeed, so I already KNOW this one is going to be a failure. What the hell though, I'll give it a shot.

7.  Try a food I haven't tried before. Like something icky that will forever give me bragging rights.

8.  Have $1000 saved towards a car. HA! See entry # 6.

9.  Make monthly resolutions and stick to them (small ones! I'm not a wizard here).

10.  Write one story. We'll freaking see.

Now for the fun stuff.  This year I also want to try and get out there and do fun things! Go on dates! Have adventures that are planned, on top of the ones that aren't!  Here are five things I really want to do this year:

1.  Go on another canoe trip. The one we did last year was amazing.

2.  Visit Toronto's new aquarium.  Coming this Summer and I am so excited!

3.  Go on a trip (this one is already in the works!)

4.  Go to the zoo. Big deal for me as I swore off zoos as a youngster.  They made me really sad. I am willing to give it another shot though, for posterity's sake.

5.  Go to Canada's Wonderland

And those are my resolutions for 2013. Hopefully I complete some, if not all. If not, oh well.  There's always next year right?

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