The Hair That Could

by - January 20, 2013

Just look at this hair would you?  I am blessed to have a dear close friend who is only the best hair stylist, hair artist in the entire world. Because what she does is art. She can take the most un-extraordinary person and make them amazing. Because she is amazing.

I would never look this good without her.

Too bad I do things like this....but at least you get to see how gorgeous and healthy she makes my hair, a huge feat when you are dying someone's hair blonde. 

So despite not feeling well all day Friday and staying home from work, I told my sister to bring me a mask from her work to wear at Joyce's because DAMNED if I wasn't getting my hair done. It hadn't been done since October and my hair was brown. Not okay.  Thankfully I didn't have to wear the mask, as I suspect I have a sinus infection. Nothing contagious or anything. Plus, if I really needed to take a nap there or lie down, I could have.  I felt okay though...I held up. Until the car ride home...then I wasn't feeling so hot. Oh well, c'est la vie. 

Good food, good talks and being around the people I love the most? Good for my soul. Everyone has those people in their lives that they are drawn to, who make the worst day better, who when you leave them, you leave feeling like the world is ok....these are those people for me.

So thank you Joyce (and Liz, and Leeza), not just for my gorgeous hair, but for being some of the best people in my life. I love you guys.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone. Have some bacon and eggs, drink your coffee something that makes YOU happy, and not everyone else. Savour the day and make it count!

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